Could This Duvet Cure Your Child's Fear Of The Dark?

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Barely a day goes by in which the Playpennies team doesn't end up at each other's throats over some small parenting disagreement. (Ok, I'm joking. But only sort of.)

Today's um, debate, is all about whether we'd buy this duvet and story book set, which relies on casting a spell to help address a child's fear of the dark.

Metro reports:

Glow Away is a story book and glow in the dark duvet set designed to banish children’s night terrors.

In the book, a yellow character called Boo teaches Sam a spell that will protect him from monsters at night.

You read the book with your child and repeat the spell.

Then you turn off the lights and see if it’s worked.

Ta da!

Speaking personally, it's not so much the ethics of dealing with a fear of the dark with a 'spell' that caught my attention, but the fact that this duvet set and story book will set you back a rather eye-watering £79. I think I might be in the wrong business.

Joking apart, I'm the mother of a child who suffers from night terrors, and I'm under no illusion that this bedtime gimmick would prove to be a magical 'cure' but I do think it's a pretty innovative idea that could help parents to address night terrors in a creative way.

We've tried all manner of different things to put an end to the night terrors, and while I'm largely convinced that they're something my child will just have to grow out of, eventually, we have found that saying prayers at bedtime seems to make a difference. Apart from offering some comfort my kid, he also hasn't yet experienced one on a night when I've remembered to say prayers with him at bedtime. True story.

So I'm definitely going to stick with prayers - which happily don't cost a penny - over spells, which come with a hefty price tag, but I can see why this might appeal to some parents.

Not all of the team agree, though. Lisa is firmly of the opinion that we shouldn't be teaching kids to use 'spells' to deal with their fears and anxieties.

So what's your view?

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