Where To Buy Harry Potter Clothes

The best deals on Harry Potter clothing, footwear and accessories for the whole family

Where To Buy Harry Potter Clothes

If you're looking for Harry Potter clothing you have come to the right place! We have searched out all the best deals on Harry Potter clothes in the UK, and we will tell you where to buy them at the best prices. We have found Harry Potter clothes and accessories for women, men, children, and even baby clothes, so there's something for every Potter fan. Whether it's a Hogwarts Crest Hoodie, a Hufflepuff Quidditch Tee or even a Baby Harry Potter Costume you want, we have found them!

Keep a close eye on this page and we will keep it updated with the latest Harry Potter clothing and accessories as they're released, and let you know all the best offers.

Harry Potter Clothing At Asda George

(UF) Where To Buy Harry Potter Clothes

Asda* do a great range of Harry Potter clothing, nightwear and even footwear, and it includes items for both adults and children. They offer some of the best value for money Harry Potter items, and with the convenience of free click and collect from hundreds of stores, and home delivery at low costs it's hard to beat Asda's offering.

Click here for all Harry Potter @ Asda*

Boys & Girls:



Baby & Toddler:

Gifts & Accessories:


Harry Potter Clothing At Primark

(UF) Where To Buy Harry Potter ClothesPrimark* are the king of character clothing on the high street, and their Harry Potter range of clothing, accessories, bags, jewellery, nightwear and even homeware is the best around. The Primark Harry Potter items sell out very fast, as the stores have such a quick turnaround of styles, but luckily there's always something new popping up in stores. Primark don't offer online ordering, though you can browse the items online.

Click here for all Harry Potter @ Primark*

Harry Potter Clothing At Matalan

(UF) Where To Buy Harry Potter Clothes

Matalan* isn't the first place I would have thought of for Harry Potter clothing, but they have started adding lots of new items, mainly for children, so it's well worth a look for younger fans. The full range is available online for free click and collect, or for home delivery from £3.95, with some items also on sale in store.

Click here for all Harry Potter @ Matalan*

Harry Potter Clothing At Character.com

(UF) Where To Buy Harry Potter Clothes

Character.com* specialise in character clothing and accessories, and they have a whole section dedicated to Harry Potter. Here you'll find pyjamas, tees and more that are a little different from what's on the high street, plus unusual gems like the Talking Sorting Hat Backpack with sounds! And where else can you get a Harry Potter swimsuit or dress? Most items are for children, but they do have the occasional adult Harry Potter item too.

Click here for all Harry Potter @ Character.com*

Harry Potter Clothing At M&Co

(UF) Where To Buy Harry Potter Clothes

M&Co* sell a small selection of Harry Potter items, with clothing and accessories for children. Choose from pyjamas, hoodies, t-shirts and accessories like pants and socks too, with prices starting from around £8.

Click here for all Harry Potter @ M&Co*

Harry Potter Clothing At Tu Sainsbury's

(UF) Where To Buy Harry Potter Clothes

Tu Clothing at Sainsbury's* have some great new Harry Potter clothes, including several types of women's pyjamas, a women's fluffy sleep top, kids pyjamas and even a baby Harry Potter sleepsuit! Like all the supermarkets stock turnover is very high, so if you see something you want you need to get it quickly, as once it's sold out that's it!

Click here for all Harry Potter @ Tu Clothing*

Harry Potter Clothing At IWOOT

(UF) Where To Buy Harry Potter Clothes

IWOOT* have a huge range of clothing, and for adults it's the best range in one store we have seen. Prices are not at Primark levels, but they have regular offers on t-shirts, hoodies and more for adults as well as children. It's a great place to look for clothing gifts as you'll find lots of niche designs like Dobby tees, or Chocolate Frog adverts!

Click here for all Harry Potter Clothing @ IWOOT*

Harry Potter Clothing At Truffle Shuffle

(UF) Where To Buy Harry Potter Clothes

Truffle Shuffle* sell lots of Harry Potter clothing, gifts and accessories, with plenty of clothes for adults. Choose from Hogwarts House Tees, Dressing Gowns, Hoodies, and even a Varsity Jacket, plus lots more. You can often find styles on offer as well, as their sale* section is constantly updated with new designs.

Click here for all Harry Potter @ Truffle Shuffle*

Harry Potter Clothing At Zavvi

(UF) Where To Buy Harry Potter Clothes

Zavvi* have a similar range of Harry Potter clothing to IWOOT, as they're part of the same group, but they do have different offers so it's worth checking both to see what's cheapest for the style you want. They also offer the best range of men's Harry Potter clothing, as some stores only seem to sell kids and women's items.

Click here for all Harry Potter clothing @ Zavvi*

Harry Potter Clothing At EMP

Where To Buy Harry Potter Clothes

If you haven't heard of EMP* you're in for a treat, as they sell the biggest and most varied selection of Harry Potter clothing,accessories and gifts we have seen in one store. As well as lots of tees and sweatshirts are great prices, you can also get hold of much more specialist items, like replica versions of outfits from the movies!

Click here for Harry Potter @ EMP*

Main image: Primark


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