Thomas The Tank Engine Winter Jacket £6.50 @

Thomastop have quite a few excellent bargains in their online store this month and one of these is the Thomas the Tank Engine winter coat. Selling in their clearance sale for £6.50 this coat is padded with pictures of Thomas on the front and the back. 

If Thomas doesn’t capture your attention then perhaps the Disney long sleeved tops for £3.99 or the embroidered In The Night Garden hoody for only £2.99. There are 145 products in the sale and I’ve not even scratched the surface. 

Did I mention that postage is free? Oh yes, you don’t have to pay a penny to get your luscious bargains delivered to your front door. Now that’s what I call shopping. But I digress...let me throw some other tasty tidbits your way. 

In the under £1 bargain bin you’ll find some hats and a dress and throughout the sale tons of fab items tThomastop2o catch your fancy. It will take a while to get through everything, the site isn’t that easy to navigate and it’s done my head in a bit. 

Have fun though, doing your shopathon. Perhaps your stock of winter clothes for next year? 

Thanks to Diva1977 at HUKD!


  • DIVA1977
    Did i miss something? Free postage i cant see where that is?
  • Tamsin O.
    It looks like this was entirely my fault. Sorry!
  • Tara
    postage is £3.50 !!!
  • DIVA1977
    Thats ok, just might of ordered more if free p&p. As i added a t-shirt for £1.50 but made postage go up to £4.50 and i wasnt sure if the t-shirt would fit as i find character stuff comes up small. So i took back out my basket as didnt mind losing £1.50 but £2.50 too much when he didnt actually need it

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