Stuck On You Review

13 November 2013

Lots of online retailers offer personalised products for kids these days, but if you’re looking for a special, personalised gift for Christmas or a birthday then Stuck on You is definitely worth checking out.

They sent us three different items to review and we were very impressed with the range of personalised products on offer, and the quality of the items we received.
 First up we were sent some personalised name dots.

These are basically small, round sticky labels which you can personalise with your child’s name (or your own, if you’re so inclined!). You also get to choose the colour, font and icon that will feature on the name dots, and we were really impressed with the range of options available.

There’s none of this blue for boys and pink for girls nonsense - you can design pink trucks and blue ballet slippers if you fancy. I particularly like the fact that there is such a wide selection of icons to choose from - it means you’re virtually guaranteed to find something that your recipient will really love, which adds an extra personal touch, rather than having to shoehorn your design into a limited range of options as if often required with other personalised product sites.

At £12.00 for a pack of 50 name dots these aren’t exactly cheap, but they are much more than just name stickers. They are safe for use in the microwave and dishwasher so they’re ideal for lunchboxes, food containers, drink bottles etc, and they do live up to the claim that they’re scratch resistant and long lasting. I can’t say for certain how long they’ll last but they’ve certainly survived the dishwasher and two energetic boys over a period of recent weeks.

We were also sent some personalised long PJ bottoms and again you can choose your size, colour, design and font. Again the range of options available to choose from impressed me. The PJ bottoms are made from 100% cotton jersey and they’re a lovely quality and wash really well, with no bobbling or shrinking. I’ve even tumble dried ours without the personalised patches suffering.

They have a cute ‘fake’ pocket design where your child’s name goes, and my son was absolutely delighted to own a pair of pyjamas with his name on. He didn’t get to design them himself as we were sent these for review so had no input into the details of what we were sent but I can imagine that a child would have great fun designing their very own pair, and I’m tempted to make that a gift this Christmas for some special kids in our family who would love their own personalised PJs but who I’m sure would love to have a go at designing them for themselves online.

Finally we were also sent the long sleeve top which ‘matched’ the PJ bottoms in terms of design so the whole set works as a fab pair of personalised PJs.

At £12.99 for the top and £12.99 for the bottoms these aren’t exactly cheap pyjamas but having seen these items up close I would pay that for a personalised item of this quality that is personalised - particularly if I was getting to choose the design, font and colour from such a wide range.

The preview function on the website is fab, and lets you see exactly what you’re designing so you can keep tweaking until you’re 100% happy.

Stuck on You have an incredibly wide range of products for sale which you can personalise, including colouring pencils, puzzles and soft toys. They also have some lovely gift ideas.

Pros: Really excellent quality and an impressively wide range of options to choose from when personalising your item.

Cons: None. Not cheap, but a definite case of 'you gets what you pays for'!

Overall verdict: Highly recommended if you're looking for something different as a special gift.

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