Start-rite Boys' Mischief Shoe £15 @ Amazon

Start-rite Boys' Mischief Shoe £15 @ Amazon

YoshoeThe first thing I thought when I saw this deal was that a shoe named ‘Mischief’ was just perfect for delightfully mischevious little boys. What a cute name! And what a good looking, sturdy shoe too. Marked down from £30 to only £15 this is a good deal from Amazon.

Yoshoe2Shoes seem to be one of the biggest expenses for my kids. Clothes can be bought for great discounts but shoes have to be properly measured and good quality or you risk damaging their little feet. I always get their feet measured every three months so I can take advantage of offers like these without worrying about it being the right size.

There are only four sizes left in the sale, 3 G, 3 H, 3.5 F and 4.5 E so best be quick about checking these out. They are navy with red detail on the heel and sides. Please check the merchant’s sizing charts to make sure that you get the right size and that they aren’t using some kind of weird international sizing terminology. I hate it when that happens.

Amazon are offering a 30-day return option for customers who buy shoes directly from Amazon so you can return them if you get the sizing wrong.

Thanks to lucerysmum at HUKD!


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