Space Rug £12.99 @ ShinyShack

Space Rug £12.99 @ ShinyShack


So, we’ve just wandered past Mother’s Day and now Father’s Day is rapidly approaching. Yes, I know it is on 18 June but this year is hurtling by so darn fast that it will be time to celebrate Dads before you know it. The point I am slowly getting to is that this particular deal is a great present for any Dad.

A Space Rug is not, as you may be thinking, actually a rug. You probably guessed that by looking at the picture above. It is down to only £12.99 including free postage and packaging and will keep you nice and warm while cunningly disguising you as a character from any one of 1000 science fiction movies.

This lightweight blanket has sleeves and a hood and will keep you toasty as you lounge about the house. A uniquely strange combination of blanket and dressing gown, the Space Rug, is a nice compromise for men who refuse to acknowledge the slanket.

I love the explanation for the name Space Rug – because it looks like the kind of robe an interplanetary order of space monks would wear, if such an order existed. But you can start one…

Thanks to feeder16 at HUKD!


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