Slogan Hats You'll Love For Summer

Slogan Hats You'll Love For Summer

Over the last few years straw hats with slogans have become a summer essential, however this year I have been seeing them everywhere! They're such a fun accessory to jazz up any outfit and a great statement piece.

If you're looking for a simple slogan then this Lipsy Straw Hat*might be the perfect one for you, with 'Sunny Days' printed onto the hat and black ribbon around the hat it's perfect for those beautiful summer days. Another similar style is this South Beach Straw Hat* with 'Beach Babe' embroidered on the hat and this Sonny Embroidered Slogan Sun Hat* with the slogan 'Catch Some Rays'.

Why not go for something a little different to the classic printed slogans and go for one with sequins! This Boardwalk Hat*has 'Life is Sweet' embellished onto the hat with sequins which is gorgeous.

A more colourful style would be this Slogan Straw Hat* with a blue trim around the edge and 'Beach Vibes' embroidered in blue.

Oversized hats are chic and such an effortless statement piece, there's also so much choice as it seems that everyone is releasing them at the moment!


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