Sledges For All Budgets From £1 @ Newitts

“They” have been promising snow since October, and I’ve been so tempted to buy a sledge “just in case” they were right. Newitts have a range of Sledges available with prices starting at £1.

I’ve never sledged on snow before, only on sand dunes, but I can’t imagine it being too different – except in the one you’re boiling and the other freezing.  I’ve also missed most of the great snows in the UK by working in London when there have been masses of snow in other places, but I’m hoping that this year we’ll get some proper snow again and I can finally build a snow man.

Newits have sledges in the shape of a ring from £1, which should be okay for older children or adults (if they work) but wouldn’t be great for a toddler. They have Stiga Stinger Sledges from £7.99, which look like an ideal pull your child up a hill sledge.

If you’re serious about getting cold, they have a host of different options to suit your pocket, right up to £125 for the Stiga Snowracer SX Pro, which is  equipped with handlebar and the handles in non slip material.

Well, have a blast!

Thanks to aquarium at HUKD

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  • jjtoops
    "I discovered newitt when i was looking for sports equipment for some schools in Africa. I ordered a whole load of sports items from newitt because after comparison with other sports shops, more than 10 others , they were the cheapest. thet delivered on time. since then I have come back to newitt always and they are my prefferred choice. I will recomend them to anyone, and yes their range of sledges look great

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