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24 June 2010

schuh I adore Schuh shoes (try saying that fast) and always get a bit misty eyed whenever the word Sale appears on their site. How can any woman resist those delectable and diving creations by designers such as Irregular Choice? You’ll find a ton of great deals in the sale and delivery is free on all orders over £15.

I got a pair of Zombie shoes from Schuh earlier this year and they’ve transported me to two weddings. At both events people fell as deeply in love with those insane shoes as I was. I even kissed them when they arrived in their box.

Yes, shoes are just the most divine things on earth and the sale has taken a huge range of different styles and designs down from rather scary prices, to affordable prices. Now you can get two shoes for schu2the price of what one of them used to cost before the sale!

You can search the sale items by gender, price, brand and more, Schuh really does know how to filter properly which is ace. I am a fan of almost everything created by Irregular Choice. How about you?

Thanks to dodgymix at HUKD!

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  • Emma K.
    I LOVE the one you have pictured on the top left, but I would never be able to walk in such a stiletto heel :)

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