The Next End Of Season Sale @ Next

26 December 2011

I have a Next account, I've had one for years, and whilst I love a lot of their clothes I REFUSE to go anywhere near a Next shop whenever their end of season sales are on.  My husband has never experienced the madness of the Next end of season sale and was staggered when I showed him pictures of people queuing up outside Next stores at silly o'clock this morning.

Shopping the Next end of season sale online is a far more civilised way of doing things - sure you can't try things on before you buy them and, yes, somethings will go out of stock before you get a chance to put it in your basket but, equally, you don't have to put up with being elbowed in the ribs, pushed, shoved and generally 'abused' by terrifying bargain hunters who'll stop at nothing to rip that last size 6 pair of jeans out your hands (actually, I've never had someone try and take a size 6 of anything away from me but you get my point!).

The easiest way to shop the Next end of season sale is to use the filters.  I've just 'done' the Next sale in under five minutes and am happy to report there's nothing I want - I filtered Womenswear --> Shoes --> Formal --> Size 5 and there was nothing I liked.

I filtered jeans - nothing, I filtered dresses - nothing, I filtered beachwear, t-shirts and shorts (I'm flying home to the heat of South Africa in a couple of weeks, so I had to check these out) and nothing.

I just saved myself a fortune by not looking at every single thing on offer and survived the Next end of season sale without having to even get out of my pyjamas.

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