Back To School Gym Bags £1 @ Poundland

22 July 2010

gym-bag You've got to hand it to Poundland, they really understand the meaning of the word 'bargain'. These gym bags for boys and girls are adorable, stylish and, you guessed it, very cheap. Only £1 at Poundland gets you one delightful bag that can get sweaty socks and shoes shoved in without you wincing in pain.

The two different gym bags are not the only fabulously discounted goodies that will help out as you prepare for the next year of school. Socks, knee highs, polo shirts, and other such necessities, are all sitting at the lovely price of £1. So, before you gallop off to those expensive stores with their three for two deals, why not get those hardy essentials from Poundland instead.

gym-bag (1)It always makes my Scottish genes shrivel up and cry whenever I see the clothes (read: socks) change colour after only two wears. Now I don't even bother with high quality socks for my tot anymore. A couple of white ones from Poundland for £1 so that way, when they die, I don't sob little miserly tears when I bin them.

Thanks to lucerysmum at HUKD!

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