Pack Of Two Marvel Socks £2 @ Debenhams

Pack Of Two Marvel Socks £2 @ Debenhams

socksSocks, the great mystery clothing item. Why mystery I hear you ask? Well, because they always seem to get sucked into some weird vortex where after about three months you only have one of a pair left. So, for that reason, this set of socks from Debenhams at only £2 will come very much in handy.

This great value pack of socks have Spiderman and Wolverine motifs and are machine washable for extra convenience. Although I do think that the washing machine is what eats the missing socks, but anyway...

If you are looking for even more great value sock deals to add to the pile in the closet then Debenhams also have St. George vestssocks in a pack of three for only £1.20. Nice!  A good way to bulk up the collection without spending a fortune.

Another neat buy on the site is the pack of three Spiderman vests that have been marked down to only £3 and are made from 100% cotton. They are an adorable match for the Spidey socks that you just bought! All deliveries sit at around £3.99 so you may as well nab all these deals to make that exorbitant cost worth it.

Thanks to andywedge at HUKD!


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