OnePiece Leisure Suit £24 @ Groupon

OnePiece Leisure Suit £24 @ Groupon

product_thu3mbDo you fancy owning a onepiece jumpsuit that is (apparently) the absolute height of fashion and brilliance? Well, if you follow these instructions and take a little time to do some bits and pieces you can get this baby for £24 instead of the usual price of £80.

What you have to do is buy a voucher for £24 which is valid for two months and you can only buy one per person. Oh, and you also have to pay an extra £6.50 for delivery but it is for first class recorded to your door so it is a nice one for those of you who like instant gratification (like me!).

To start with, register with Groupon and get your details on the system. Then either visit Aberdeen or London to find the deal. Once there, select Buy Now and you'll be taken through to the secure payment options. Pay for your voucher and have patience. The deal expires in around 6 hours (so HURRY) and once it does, your voucher will be emailed to you. Take the voucher code and visit the site OnePiece, choose your jumpsuit, cash in your voucher, and wait for it to arrive!

These look really comfortable and you can pop them on over your jogging outfit in the morning, wear them to slump around the house, or perhaps to give you that “super fit” mummy look when you take the kids to school.product_thumb

I really like these. I’m sure I shouldn’t and that there is some fashion faux pas being committed here, but the idea of slipping into one of these after my morning swim sounds divine. I am getting one. See you on the site!

Thanks to amibees at HUKD!


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  • GateGipsy
    Good lord are those for real! Ha ha! Words actually fail me ...
    • debadwolff
      They look Chavtastic!
      • Louise
        I'm sure the wider world is already aware, but you get fleece garments which I can only describe as "romper suits" (feet covered and everything!) in Primark at the lingerie section. They are awful. And they all disappeared around Xmas time. I thought, who is buying these things?! Proof:
        • Tamsin O.
          Louise that picture made me cry with laughter. I did actually buy the Onepiece. And I am wearing it for swimming and it's perfect. Really good quality too. Sorry, I know I should be ashamed.
          • Natasha
            Can I still get this deal on a OnePiece???
            • Laura B.
              21120238 - £20 discount code on - valid until the 22nd December