Moshi Monsters Kids Tote Bag £2.99 @

Moshi Monsters Kids Tote Bag £2.99 @

There are actually a lot of different tote bags and backpacks on sale at for kids and all of them are sitting at this excellent price point of £2.99. I love the Moshi Monsters tote bag just because I love the game and the little monsters themselves. This is a great price, down from £5.99 you are saving £3.

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The Moshi Monsters kids tote back has the Poppet Moshi Monster on the cover and is 22x20.5x7cm in size. It aint enormous and it won’t carry the world, but it will probably enchant your little ones with the cuteness that is the Moshi Monsters. It is also made from PVC so not really gorgeous material here.

The Moshi Monsters Kids Shopper Bag has also been reduced by the way. This is really cute as it is absolutely covered in pictures of all the Moshi Monsters and their Moshlings and it is selling for the same lovely low price.

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