Matching Mummy & Me Swimwear Collection @ H&M

Matching Mummy & Me Swimwear Collection

Over the last month or so we have seen lots more Mummy and Me ranges heading to stores in time for Mother's Day. However it doesn't just stop there, it seems the matching trend is heading into Summer too if this latest collection from H&M is anything to go by!

The You and Me collection at H&M is a gorgeous range of swimwear and accessories designed for Mum's to match with their little ones!

There's lots to choose from, here are a few of my favourites:

There's lots more in the collection, however I have to say the boys range is quite disappointing, there's not much for them to match with Mum or Dad sadly.

Home delivery is £3.99 as is Click and Collect. However if you become a H&M Club Member home delivery and Click and Collect is free. Sign up here*.

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  • Charlotte B.

    omg u An grace would look so cute matching :heart_eyes:

  • Lynsey C.

    you and the twins could, well, twin!

  • Jemma C.

    :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: OMG for me and Olivia xx

  • Ggayle M.

    matching even for mums and boys !!! X

    • Jill K.

      He’s sorted for matching with daddy, need to get him some matching stuff with mummy :heart_eyes: those costumes are so cute xx

    • Jill K.

      He’s sorted for matching with daddy, need to get him some matching stuff with mummy :heart_eyes: those costumes are so cute xx

  • Ggayle M.

    this could be mine and Spencer’s matching wear this year x

  • Stephanie F.

    I've already debated these :joy_cat::joy_cat:

  • Emma H.

    I love h&m aswell :raised_hands: be going there tomorrow after the next sale x

  • Kerry C.

    Omg Was just about to tag you!!! Haha, I'm on the site right now :joy::see_no_evil::see_no_evil::pound:

  • Rachel R.

    I saw these! So cute... I need them for us allx

  • Liz G.

    Too cute! I best get running again first :whale::joy:

  • Tracey H.


  • Emma R.

    Omg yeah !!!:heart::heart::heart::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Lottie L.

    It so happens Daisy and I need new swimming costumes for waterbabies :thinking:

  • Sarah L.

    Thanks em! I’m all over this ha xxx

  • Lori R.

    I just saw this and thought of you too x x x

  • Becci B.

    literallt just saw this :heart_eyes:

  • Jordan-Leanne R.

    I’ll come with you :muscle_tone3:

  • Ness B.

    Shame there’s no holiday plans lol x

  • Emma F.

    I have checked this out. I do love them but the mum’s one is so low cut and after all this breastfeeding, I just can’t get away with it. People will be frightened enough by my body! I don’t need to add to it with a low cut cossie. :joy::joy::joy:

  • Gemma I.

    Edith & I actually do have swim suits that aren’t that dissimilar to one another

  • Jennifer D.

    I tried it on and love it:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: can’t wait to be twinning it by the pool lol xxx

  • Chanelle B.

    Will have a look thankyou

  • Tammy C.

    Aww, they're so cute :heart_eyes: xxx

  • Katie J.

    Seen them other day me and esmae are going matching for hols:wink:

  • Katelynn S.

    Ohhh my goodness :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Sarah M.

    Oh my goodness I’ve been longing to do this for ages lol xx

  • Siobhan A.

    Been tagged in this hahaha cannot wait

  • Stephanie G.

    Wow need to get some :thumbsup::purple_heart::joy:x

  • Emma F.

    Sorry kids! Mummy can’t come and rescue you, I can’t flash the pool. :joy::joy:

  • Kayleigh Y.

    Whicked thanks hun defo will have a look xx

  • Margaret O.

    Grandma mummy and Molly lol x:joy::joy::joy:

  • Helen M.

    Haha I will so be looking at this for summer holiday. Having a little girl is great xx

  • Katie-ann E.

    I love the one for Emily but the grown up one looks very low!! :grin:

  • Leanne J.

    Oh my god I love this idea! Will def have a look!! Xxx

  • Sarah M.

    You should!! I may get some for our holiday too. Xx

  • Holli C.

    Oh my god! Love it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: xxx

  • Emily A.

    I love this, but where would I wear it??x

  • Lindsay B.

    Ooh yes cuuuuuute. I love h and m too xx

  • Faye T.

    Ooh will have to pop in there!

  • Sarah O.

    Love matching Mummy dnd daughter swimwear :two_hearts:

  • Faye T.

    I think baby could pull off the cossie, not sure about me :joy:

  • Kayleigh K.

    Aw love it! Will have to have a look x

  • Kimberley M.

    I’ve seen these but won’t fit in fir holiday in June! Jojo have a matching maternity and toddler one going to get that xx :heartpulse:

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