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26 June 2010

ALELLI I adore Lelli Kelly shoes. I really, really do. However, I also think that they are extremely overprices for children's shoes. They average around £45 for a pair of shoes that little ones will soon grow out of!

Everytime I see a mum with kids kitted out onj Lelli Kelly's I am torn between jealousy and amazement. But now I think I can finally warrant the expense because they are down by almost 50% at Charles Clinkard.

Lelli Kelly shoes are ace. The Lelli Kelly adverts are extremely vile. That hasn't stopped me from quietly wishing they had them in adult sizes too. Yes, I am aware of the fact that I have dangerously bad taste. Anyway, I asked my local shoe store why the Lelli Kelly's were so expensive and she told me that it was because they were handmade! Although I can't back that up and their official website is more about super luxury materials and anti-sweaty latex.

lelli_kellyStill, to pay only £25 for a pair of shoes that normally cost £50 is a good price. A very good price. For while Lelli Kelly is expensive, they are good quality and most good quality shoes for kids sit in the £20-£30 price range. They should last at least six months of growing feet and look fantastic.

Am I alone in my Lelli Kelly love?

Thanks to Soaps at HUKD!

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  • Rebecca
    Fellow lover of Lelli Kelly! Thankyou SO much for this!

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