Lelli Kelly Shoes £28.50 @ Lovethoseshoes

Lelli Kelly Shoes £28.50 @ Lovethoseshoes


Lelli Kelly shoes are, honestly, ridiculously expensive for children’s shoes. I know they are supposedly handmade but when you think about how quickly children grow, spending £50 on a pair of shoes that last only four to six months is insane. So this deal means that some of us more miserly (Me! Me!) people can buy a pair almost guilt free – oh, and this price includes delivery.

The shoes on over include the Canvas Pretty Red dolly shoes for £23.75 or the black version of the same shoe. You can get them in 8 or 8 and a half, in the black or you can get them in six for the pink. Not a lot of variety I’m afraid, but they are selling out pretty darn fast.

There is also the Lelli Kelly glitter cuori white dolly shoe available in a size 7 for £25 which were once a sample pair. I must admit it isn’t saying much about the quality of Lelli Kelly that their sample pair has a hole in each sole. What are you paying for, if not quality?

Thanks to shell5 at HUKD!


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