Knickers/Pants And Vest Terror!

knickersAndVest I know what you're thinking, "What's so scary about a knickers/pants and vest combo'?"

And quite! On their own there's nothing to fear from them but when I think back to my childhood, there were times when the very mention of them struck FEAR into the very core of my little being.

  • Scenario One - when playing at a friends house in the summer and the paddling pool would come out; I had no bathing costume and my mum would tell me it was fine, "You can just splash around in your knickers and vest!"

NOOOO!!!  I don't want to tazz around in my plain white cotton underwear thanks!

  • Scenario Two - when I forgot my PE kit and the penalty was, yep - you remember it too - prancing around the chilly primary school hall in my underwear in front of all my class mates; horrendous.

I came across these, not very cheap, but rather awesome knickers/pants and vests from Nordic Kids the other day; they look much less like your average K and V and more like deliberate garments for playing around in during the summer.

The knickers and underpants cost £10.99 and are available in sizes from 1 - 2 years up to 5 - 6 years; the vests are billed as a tank tops and cost £16.50.

There are various bright, fun and funky designs to choose from; I think they're rather groovy and will, hopefully, go some way to protecting future generations of kids from knickers, or pants, and vest terror.

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