Kids & Adults Teddy Fleece Hoodie Blanket From £10.99 @ eBay

Choose from charcoal grey or blush pink
Kids & Adults Teddy Fleece Hoodie Blanket From £10.99 @ eBay

These Teddy Fleece Hoodie Blankets are my absolute favourite thing in my wardrobe right now! I've just found some bargain ones from just £10.99 at eBay for both adults and kids alike!

Ready for a comfy night in, this fluffy Brentfords Teddy Fleece Hooded Blanket is your new comfort buddy! Featuring a sumptuously soft touch teddy fabric, this hoodie is available in an array of versatile colours.

Expertly matched with elastic cuffs and a double opening front pocket, this will make a fantastic gift for friends, family.

One size fits all with this product and it's ideal for packing up and taking with you to outdoor events, or cuddling up to watch some TV.

The smaller kids version is available in blush pink or charcoal grey at £10.99 or the adults version is currently sold out in blush pink but the charcoal grey is £13.99.

Looking for bargains? The Amazon Spring Sale has loads!

Home delivery is free of charge too!


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