Have Your Little One's Drawing Turned Into Clothing!

Turn Drawings Into Clothing

I often look around my house and wonder what I am going to do with all the artwork my daughter has brought home from pre-school. I mean as much as I would love to you really can't keep it all can you!

I have looked into getting some of it framed or replicated into smaller pictures to hang around the house but it all adds up and still means that my walls are cluttered with pictures.

I really wanted more of a novel way to keep her drawings forever and I think I may have found the way to do just that.

Picture This Clothing is an American company that can transform your child's drawing into a beautiful dress for them to wear! Sounds great doesn't it!

All you have to do is click on Order Your Dress*, upload your child's drawing, enter a size for the dress to be made in and voila, your dress has been designed!

This service costs $49 and is made in the USA so will need to be shipped for an additional cost of $12. So it doesn't come cheap but as a one off keepsake I think it is a fantastic idea and if you can stretch to that price then go for it.

At the moment the only clothing they can make is a dress. However as the idea has become so popular, the company which only launched on the 17th August, are currently looking into further items including adult clothing and boys clothing.

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  • Heather C.

    ava would love this xx

  • Melanie C.

    It's a cool idea xx

  • Melanie C.

    Ideal 4 Xmas pressies xx

  • Victoria G.

    Aww girls only

  • Lizy J.

    Oh!!! Ruby would love it xx

  • Keira W.

    Yes!!! It's a brilliant idea but the only for girls just now :confused:

  • Colette W.

    the girls might like this xx

  • Helen M.

    I cringe putting pictures on the fridge let alone this. I can't be the only one :speak_no_evil:

    • Holley J.

      I'm so proud to put my children's art on the fridge and it gives them such a sense of appreciation

    • Sarah A.

      You must have a pretty big fridge

  • Elizabeth D.

    She would love this!! Xxx

  • Stefanie S.

    I know ! Look awesome they certainly stand out haha xx

  • Elizabeth D.

    She would love this!!! Thank you xx

  • Naomi C.

    this is what I was on about!

  • Kate G.

    Sorry to say, but seen it done better, turning the drawings into actual designs instead of crayon/pencil marks. Either way shows how amazing some children's creativity is.

  • Emma D.

    Oh wow that's amazing !!!!! Got to be done !!!!! Xxxxx

  • Louise M.

    the girls might like this

  • Joanne R.

    Love them... But a bit above me!

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