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29 July 2010


ASOS have a rather impressive range of cool clothes for parents and kids, with a load of different designs and styles to choose from. You can happily uncover bargains here, if you spend some time hunting around, or you can just go in and get yourself a special treat. Why not! After all, until Friday you will get free next day delivery on anything you buy.

The site isn't that easy to navigate really, I've definitely worked with better in the past, but if you type 'clearance' into the search bar at the top you'll get a list of all the items that are currently on sale. You'll find quite a bit here and should be able to sort out your make-up and night time attire for a bargain.

When you check out, though, don't forget to select Next Day Delivery to qualify and that this all expires by 5pm tomorrow. I wish you happy shopping and bargain finding.

Thanks to bargainhunter10 at HUKD!

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