Dressing Up Outfits Half Price @ Mothercare

Dressing Up Outfits Half Price @ Mothercare

fairyOOOH dressing up!!  I loved dressing up as a kid!

The amount of photos from yesteryear that my mum has of me and my brother dressed up in various guises is quite amazing!  We lived in a little village and every year the school had a summer fete with a fancy dress competition - I've been a hula-hula girl, a flamenco dancer, my brother was covered in green grease paint and won first prize as the Jolly Green Giant.

But that was the late 1970s and times have changed.  Dressing up is no longer the reserve of quaint village summer fete competitions, it's just something to do if one day your little one wakes up and decides they want to be a fairy or a doctor (nothing wrong with a bit of future medical career role play I say!)

Not all of the dressing up outfits are half-price so I've listed them for you in case you don't want to wade through all the others which are nor - most of the half price ones are a fiver and a couple are £6.50.

nurseOther than spending over £50, or perhaps popping in to your nearest Mothercare store, there's no other way to avoid being hit with the rather extortionate £4.95 standard delivery charge.

I wonder when companies like Mothercare will catch on to the benefits of offering free delivery? Perhaps they should have a nice chat with our good 'free delivery friends' Amazon et al, it doesn't seem to have done their business models any harm does it...

Thanks to Little_em00 over at HUKD!


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