Dark Chocolate & Original Black ERGO Baby Carriers From £74.99 @ Zulily

ERGO Zulily are offering cheaper than usual ERGO baby carriers today - they actually started at £59.99 but those are already sold out, no surprises there. (Although Zulily often add extra stock if there's huge demand, so it's worth keeping an eye out over the next few days) and there's a delivery charge of  £3.95 on everything you order on the same day.

Even so, it's unusual for an authentic ERGO baby carrier to be under £100. Now, before you run off and find them cheaper on eBay or Amazon, bare in mind that ERGO is one of the most faked sold carriers on the market, and they're really hard to spot. You must buy from an ERGO approved vendor to get a carrier that has been tested and is safe for your baby.  Warnings aside though, as someone who has been through my share of baby carriers with my two girls, the ERGO is by far and wide my favourite.

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I honestly love my Ergo. I got it when my second child was about two months old, and both my kids went in it more times than I can remember, with my oldest still being comfortable in it and not breaking my back up to about 4 years old, when she just became too tall for it. Not ideal, clearly, but just fine for middle of the night flights and so on!

It has been my ultimate in baby kit, especially for those who love to travel!

The ERGO is 100% cotton and suits a baby (with a newborn insert) from around 3.2kg up to a toddler of 20kg, so you're going to get some use out of it. They have an adjustable hood that you can clip over baby to protect their heads from cold, rain, sun or just help them sleep, and if you're breastfeeding, most babies can breastfeed without anyone ever knowing. 

Importantly, they are machine washable, and most importantly, they are a comfortable wear for mum or dad and baby.

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