Cuddleuppets: Now from £3.99 @ Bargain Max

Cuddleuppets: Now from £3.99 @ Bargain Max

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The last time we told you about Cuddleuppets at Bargain Max they were selling them for £5.99, which was a bit of a bargain. Well the good news is that they have now dropped the price even further, and now they are from as little as £3.99 each! Even adding on the £1.49 delivery charge this is by far the cheapest I can find.

If you don't know what they are, Cuddleuppets are cuddly blankets for kids that are also puppets. They are big, fluffy blankets in different animal designs that your child can use as a puppet with their hand to make their Cuddluppet talk, dance and play. Whether us grown ups can 'get' the appeal of these or not, it seems that kids love them!

The three designs available at Bargain Max are the Pink Poodle and Yellow Dog both at £3.99 each, or the Unicorn which is £4.99. All were originally selling for between £9.99 and £14.99, and are still around that price in most stores. Even Amazon is charging more (which is fairly unusual!).

I was wondering whether they were selling these off with the spring on it's way... then I shivered and wondered whether to put the heating on instead. I think a blanket will still get a lot of use!


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