Clothing At Tesco Online Promotional Discount: £10 Off £40 Order

13 February 2011

Clothing At Tesco Use this Clothing At Tesco online promotional discount to get £10 off your order when you spend £40 or more. I tested it out on a mix of sale items and full price clothes, and it worked just fine.

Click here for £10 from Clothing at Tesco

  • Discount: £10
  • Minimum spend: £40
  • Promotional code: FF-SPFEB
  • Expires: 20th February 2011

To use this code you'll need to go through checkout. And you'll need to either log-in first, or register. When you get to the third page of checkout - the Order Summary page - scroll down the page and click on the eCoupons or Promotion Codes button. Type in the code, don't cut and paste. I tried pasting it in there but the site rejected the code. It only worked when I typed it in myself.

When I returned to the Order Summary page, the £10 had been deducted. Overall my order of £44.20 plus the £3.95 delivery charge was reduced down to a total of £38.15.

I'm always happy when a company gives me a tenner!

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  • Sue
    Be sure about what you buy online--the prices are often higher online than they are in the store, and you pay delivery on top of that. I just bought my son a striped t-shirt, listed at £7 on the website. It was delivered with a tag saying the price was £5. I called to question this and was told things are often more expensive online (not in my experience) and you have to pay the higher price. The person I spoke to said he'd had lots of calls like this, but there was nothing he could do. £10 is great--just make sure it's really £10 off!
  • Lynley O.
    No way Sue! That's terrible. Have you contacted anyone like Which? Surely there's a consumer story in there.

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