Back To School (Teens): Mens Superdry Jackets £26.39 Delivered (With Code) @ eBay: Superdry Outlet

Mens' Superdry Jackets £26.39

If you have a child at secondary school, you'll soon find out that Next and M&S just don't cut it anymore. They want the brands, and one in particular is Superdry. They ain't cheap, but you know you'll pander to your child's hard-done-by moans and buy them a Superdry Jacket!

Here, save yourself some money and head over to the Outlet on eBay and use promo code POSE20 at the checkout, and get one for just £26.39 delivered!

There are many different styles on offer including the bestselling Original Windcheater Jacket. It's the multi-zip, covered in logo type jacket that Superdry and known for.

These normally sell for around the £46 mark, so you are saving yourself about £20 and a whole lot of earache.

Struggling to get your head around the sizing?

  • X-Small - chest 34.0" (86cm)
  • Small - chest 36.0" (91cm)
  • Medium - chest 38.0" (97cm)
  • Large - chest 40.0" (102cm)
  • X-Large - chest 42.0" (107cm)
  • XX-Large - chest 44.0" (112cm)
  • XXX-Large - chest 46.0" (117cm)

Delivery is FREE of charge!

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  • Sarah G.

    for the stroppy teenager in our house! x

  • Clare D.

    Omg I could have a superdry family :) x

  • Sharon S.

    Brine would have tha :joy::joy:

  • Charlotte B.

    Best coats ever, mine is literally years old x

  • Michelle P.

    Yeah would be nice on Andrew for high school. Jack wears them

  • Julie R.

    Thanks I’ll have a look

  • Chloe B.

    Would be perfect but havent got black in xs :(

  • Leena A.

    Ok I will have a look thanks x

  • Tammy K.

    The lads could do with one xxxx

  • Sian S.

    Yeah that’s a good price . Thank you x

  • Emma W.

    Ordered. Thank you :blush: One more bit off the never ending list! :thumbsup_tone2:

  • Stacey W.

    Not sure if the kids like Superdry but good price if they do xx

  • Darlene R.

    Thanks hun I’m going to have a look! Xx

  • Joanna H.

    Amazing must see if any left

  • Joanna H.

    Think only mens tho shame

  • Serena M.

    Ooo that's cheap. Yes he does. Xxx

  • Claire L.

    Thanks Sis! He has the black and white one already. But at that price I may order him the other one for Christmas xx

  • Serena M.

    What's the sizing like? What size would cam need? Xxx

  • Rebecca B.

    Stop spending my money lmao xx

  • Claire L.

    None of them are in his size. Typical that is x

  • Sarah L.

    Ah damn! Always the case isn't it :information_desk_person: xx

  • Leanne A.

    Theres no xs left :-( small will be too big

  • Rebecca G.

    U myt b suprised buy him small he can grow lol

  • Leanne A.

    I know but hes got a small mens tshirt and its massive. I cant even get it to shrink in the wash! :joy:

  • Kymm D.

    Might be good for his winter coat for school?

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