Autograph Wedding Dress £49 @ M&S

25 August 2010

41DORt+VfOL__SX85_SH35_ Now this is how much money a person should spend on a wedding dress. While I’m all in favour of it being the Big Day and that there should be Lots Of Fanfare, I also think that spending £1k or more on a dress that you will only wear once is not for me, so this fab price on this gorgeous dress is just perfect.

For my wedding I pretty much did the discount thing and my dress was just stunning. I still have it! Also, the money I saved on these things was spent on a fab honeymoon that lasted far longer. I know this isn’t everybody’s view, of course, but it worked for me!

wedding2Here we have a full length ivory wedding dress marked down from £129.00 to only £49. It has a draped and pleated front with a deep V at the back and will do any bride proud! You can even match it with a stunning Silk Cape Bolero that’s been marked down to only £15 for that extra, elegant touch.

Thanks to whizzkid at HUKD!

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  • Louise
    Now I just need to find someone to marry me. Or I could Marry Myself (like the Sparks' song) :D
  • Thomas w.
    As a wedding photographer I see a whole lot of dresses, and this is as nice as dresses I've seen recently costing a whole lot more. For £49 it really is a bargain!
  • Tamsin O.
    It IS nice isn't it? I looked at some of your shots Thomas and I wish I'd chosen you on my wedding day! Our tog was rubbish. Louise, marry yourself. You'll never argue over who's turn it is to do the dishes.
  • Louise
    Tamsin, grammar police's "whose" not "who's" ;)
  • Niamh
    Hey - I love this dress, and completely agree that it's a great price for a wedding dress, I missed buying it by a day, now M&S are all sold out. If anyone has the dress and would like to sell it to me, could you please get in touch?

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