Asda George Clothing Sale Now On

14 February 2017
Asda George Clothing Sale Now On

EDIT 15/02/17: Sale section now updated online, click here* to view it. The Sale is on stores from Thursday 16th.

Asda are about to start another one of their huge clothing sales, and is you want first pick of the bargains they have reduced them now! The discounted sale items have not yet been moved into the 'Sale' section of the website, so you have to rummage through the individual clothing sections to find them, but they there are some cracking bargains to be had!

There will be an official Sale Preview going live online on Wednesday, with the sale in stores from Thursday, but follow our tips and you can get the bargains now!

Just go to the section you want (baby clothing, boys nightwear ect) and change the sorting from low to high. You should be able to see the items that will be in the sale with their new lower prices in red.

Here's some of what we have found:



There's also lots of clothing reduced for babies, men and women as well, so it's well worth a look as there as some brilliant bargains here.

People are well aware of how Asda Sales work now, so expect lots to go out of stock even before the Sale Preview starts officially - I'm off to get my order in quick!

Click and collect is free of charge, or home delivery costs £2.95.


  • Vicky L.

    the paw patrol onesie xx

  • Kez L.

    why do we have to be skint :sob::joy: xxx

  • Amanda L.

    Asda sale starts 16th not just clothes but toys and home wear to x

    • PlayPennies

      Thanks Amanda. The clothing reductions have gone live early, they're just not in the official Sale section yet. We'll keep an eye on the Home & Toys as well, thank you :)

  • Lindsey B.

    There's only 14 items in the kids sale

    • PlayPennies

      They haven't moved the items to the Sale section yet, but everything has been reduced ready. There's lots of examples in our post, hope that helps:

  • Vanessa L.

    we will have no money :see_no_evil::joy: xx

  • PlayPennies

    It's in store from Thursday, but the online reductions are live now.

  • Kim S.

    That's great thank you :) will pop thurday lots i like but not in my little ones size x

  • Stacey H.

    I just got paw patrol onesie for £5 :grin:

  • Gemma T.

    they dont have alot in my eldest daughters size boo

  • Katie O.

    Thanks we are a bit short on clothes :joy::joy::joy: I'm currently looking for cheap striped pjs for jamie for world book day x

  • Melissa R.

    do you send to newzealand ?

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