50 Personalised Iron-On Labels £4.30 @ Easy2Name

50 Personalised Iron-On Labels £4.30 @ Easy2Name


Easy2Name is selling 50 personalised kid’s iron on ID labels for £4.30 including postage and packaging. These usually cost around £10.45 including P&P so this is a great deal for you to stock up on labels for next year’s uniforms.

The cost of school items is constantly going up and kids are constantly losing things that belong to them. I think that the old adage of “you’d lose your head if it wasn’t attached” is very, very true for any kid.

So, to save on lost items and sarky letters from the school reminding you to label everything that enters their grounds, this deal is pretty cool. The site is another of the Groupon ilk called likebees and this is their deal of the day. You only need to enter in a few details to get the deal and the value for money is excellent.

The labels are iron on, come in a variety of colours and you can order as many sets as you like for the £4.30 price.

Thanks to amibees at HUKD!


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