2 Pack My Little Pony T-shirts £6.66 @ Argos

2 Pack My Little Pony T-shirts £6.66

If your kids are My Little Pony fans then this offer gives them two chances to show it, as you can get two t-shirts for £6.66 at Argos.

They are available in sizes from 3 years up to 8 years and all are the same fab price, reduced from £9.99 a set.

The t-shirts are a white one and a pink one, featuring pretty pastel pics of favourite ponies Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia.

They are 100% cotton, apart from the little trims on the edges, and they're machine washable.

Stocks are a little hit and miss in some areas and sizes, so they're not in all stores, but there should hopefully be some stock nearby for you.

Reserve and collect is free, or home delivery costs are from £3.95.


  • Louise M.

    I'm pretty sure there's two batman ones for same price too can't find the post for it now tho x

  • Gemma L.

    Brill I'll have a look thanks xx

  • PlayPennies

    Here you go :) https://www.playpennies.com/kids-clothing/2-pack-batman-t-shirts-gbp-666-argos-162909

  • Gemma L.

    PlayPennies thank you

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