New Pixar Film 'Inside Out': Could It Help Children Talk About Their Emotions?

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There is a new Pixar animated film coming out this summer called Inside Out, and it's subject is the emotions of an 11 year old girl. It's not as weighty as that sounds, as the emotions are shown as little cartoon characters going on a big adventure and it looks like it will be enjoyed by most of us purely on that level.

The new trailer has just been released and there have been many positive reactions from professionals in both childcare and mental health. The story line sees a family moving to a new area, and deals with the emotional impact that the new school, new friends and growing up in general is having on the daughter, as well as her parents.

Some are already looking at ways in which they could use the individual characters from the film that represent joy, sadness, fear, anger and so on to encourage children to be able to talk about their emotions, and that can only be a positive step if it will help youngsters to open up more and be able to vocalise their feelings.

Perhaps this film will make kids look at emotions on the way that Monsters University, also made by Pixar, made us able to talk about monsters and nightmares.

Inside Out has a release date in the US of 19th June 2015, and is expected to be released in the UK in July.

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