It's Back! Odeon Flash Sale - 2 Tickets For £10 This Weekend

It's Back! Odeon Flash Sale - 2 Tickets For £10 This Weekend

odeon 2 for a tenner pm

Odeon Cinema's Flash Sale was such a success that they have decided to run it this weekend as well. Until Sunday you can get 2 tickets for £10 by entering your email on the Flash Sale page of the Odeon website, and they send you a voucher. You just present it at the box office when you are buying your tickets.

There's a huge amount of detail in the Terms and Conditions of the offer, and some of the main points are that it's valid for 2D showings only, are not valid within the M25, and are valid on standard seats only.

This is a great big saving for most of us, as city centre tickets in particular can be really expensive, and for many this works out at half normal price.

You can't pre-book with these, you need to buy your tickets at the box office, so make sure you get there nice and early if you think it might sell out!

You can read all the Terms and Conditions here*.

So, that's your evening out sorted again. You did ring the babysitter didn't you? Or you could get a voucher each and take the kids as well.



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