Kids Cinema For Sunday

13 September 2014

Family Cinema I love taking my kids to the Cinema at the crack of dawn on a Sunday. Of course, I'd love to be sleeping in, woken to the smell of bacon and fresh bread, but since that's not going to happen anytime soon, I quite like the quiet and semi-deserted town centre as we head into the cinema, the lack of traffic, and the fact that I can get away with saying it's way too early for the super expensive pick 'n' mix sweets.

At the Odeon prices start from just £1 at selected cinemas but £2.50 seems to be the average. The movie at Odeon this week is Muppets Most Wanted, but that's subject to change, so check your local Odean at the link below.

Over at Cineworld prices start at £1.35 if you book online. They seem to have a variety of options depending on your cinema. My local is showing Free Birdsbut there's also Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairies and Maleficent, and there's still a free Fun Pack you can pick up to compliment your movie. 

While at Vue Cinemas a ticket will cost you from £1.75.

What you can see at the Vue cinemas seems to depend on which on is near you. All the current kids movies are showing though, and you should be able to find something you - or at least the kids - will love.

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