Free Movies For Carers With £6 Annual Membership

Free Movies For Carers With £6 Annual Membership

cinema for carersDisabled patrons who may need a carer to assist them when they go to the cinema are able to apply for a CEA Card - that's Cinema Exhibitors' Association Card - that allows their carer to visit the cinema free of charge when they accompany the card holder.

The card itself is £6, and is valid for one year.

The CEA Card is issued to a person in receipt of the disability living allowance or attendance allowance, or a registered blind person and any carer can use the card when accompanied by it's owner.

Before investing in the card it's worth ringing your local cinema to be sure that they accept the card.

In order to apply, the person claiming DLA can apply online, by post, or partly online and partly by post here and you can see a list of participating cinemas in your area here.

Thanks to goretex at HUKD


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