Children In Need Movies For Juniors @ Cineworld

Children In Need Movies For Juniors @ Cineworld

If you're looking for something to keep the kids happy this half term then Cineworld have a brilliant offer that will let the kids watch a film, and also support Children In Need.

This half term there will be special screenings of the Movies For Juniors where all proceeds will be donated to Children In Need, and tickets costs just £2, or £1.80 if you register and book online in advance.

There will be screenings of Finding Dory, The Secret Life Of Pets and Ice Age: Collision Course, and they will be on specific mornings over the school half term holidays.

Click here for Children In Need Movies For Juniors @ Cineworld*

Exact times and dates will vary as school holiday dates are slightly different around the country, and not every Movies For Juniors will be one of the charity screenings, just certain ones. If you click on the link above and choose the 'Children In Need' screening of your chosen film you can then look at your local cinema to see when their charity screening is.

This seems like a wonderful way of donating to the BBC Children In Need appeal while having fun with your children this half term, though it's a good idea to book in advance if you can as I would think these screenings will be very busy.

Thanks to eslick


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  • Jenny C.

    Ohhhhhhh, brilliant. Thank you xx

    • Kayleigh E.

      Odeons doing some for charity too! there's one I want to take Vinnie to Petes dragon

      • Kerry R.

        Oh wow, thank you :kissing_heart: x x x

        • Mandy B.

          Will definitely have to have a look

          • Sam B.

            Awww defo doing this. She will love dory and ice age. Xxx

            • Nicola K.

              Dear Cineworld.....would have been lovely for you to do this in Scotland for longer during our holidays which will almost be over by the time the screenings start!

              • Sarah G.

                Same for Leicestershire!

                • Heleena M.

                  They've been on during the holidays! I took my kids last week to see dory!

                  • Nicola K.

                    Not here they haven't....

                    • Heather M.

                      It is in Scotland .I'm in Edinburgh& they do this all the time x

                      • Heather M.

                        Went to see Secret life of pets last week& Finding Dory week before.£1.80 booked online x

                      • Melanie N.

                        I wanna see finding dory x

                        • Tiffany C.

                          Brilliant... except the cineworld on the Isle of Wight is showing them this Friday even though the schools don't break up til next week :expressionless:

                          • Kim S.

                            You can change the dates. I thought the same but just booked for next weds x

                          • Donna W.

                            I wouldn't mind finding dory

                            • Sarah A.

                              Ohh not seen finding dory yet xxx

                              • Teri G.

                                We should def book to go! Xx

                                • Lindsay S.

                                  Yes!! I haven't seen dory or the pets one.....never mind the kids!!lol what are the dates/times? xx

                                  • Louise H.

                                    Ooh thanks hun. Il have a look xx

                                    • Samantha B.

                                      Nothing for swansea! :thumbsdown::thumbsdown::thumbsdown:

                                      • Stacy G.

                                        Going to book up for Dory x

                                        • Mary M.

                                          Ooh will have a look at this later ta xxx

                                          • Lynn T.

                                            Brilliant I'd be up for that.xx

                                            • Abby P.

                                              Oooohhh that's good we should go :blush:. Xx

                                              • Kerry M.

                                                Definitely! I quite fancy seeing the pets one!

                                                • Maria B.

                                                  Booked two tickets to see secret life of pets , seen it already at the cinema but it's something to do in the school holidays