Book Your Tickets From Today for Peppa Pig My First Cinema Experience

Book Your Tickets From Today for Peppa Pig My First Cinema Experience

Is it wrong that I am a little too excited about this?! The news that there is a brand new Peppa Pig film hitting the big screens this Easter will be a relief to all parents who have little fans of Peppa at home!

The new film titled Peppa Pig My First Cinema Experience features a whole hour of brand new Peppa Pig tales! Booking is open from today so you can treat your little piggies over the Easter holidays!

You can book at Odeon*, Vue* and Empire* right now too, with screenings from 7th April.

There are nine brand new Peppa Pig episodes including The Police, Canal Boat, The Zoo, Move To The Music and Peppa Visits London. These episodes are connected with never-before-seen interactive entertainment featuring live action Peppa and George characters and their friend Daisy.

Little ones (and parents too!) can join in with games as well as singing and dancing along to new versions of their favourite nursery rhymes, including The Wheels on the Bus and Row Row Your Boat in this amazing cinema experience for youngsters.

Listen out for two familiar voices as David Mitchell lends his voice to Policeman Panda in the episode 'The Police' and Jo Brand voices Mrs. Crocodile in 'The Zoo.'

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Reply to
  • Melissa A.

    Just booked our tickets this morning. Going to have a very excited little girl!

    • Angharad G.

      immy would love this xx

      • Paul S.

        We'll take her xxx

        • Angharad G.

          find out details xx

          • Paul S.

            it's on at castleford on the 7th of April I'll see what I'm working and book it if you want? Xx

          • Vicky B.

            We went to the Golden Boots version of this a couple of years ago...and all it was was repeats of what has been on tele and then 1 episode of the "new" advertised episode,

            • PlayPennies

              Yes, they had to pull that one from cinemas as there were so many complaints. This one is just new episodes though, nine of them, plus the interactive sections so kids can sing along.

              • Tina B.

                My grandson loved the Golden Boots ... Had a perfect grandson and Nana day :-)

                • Vicky B.

                  Golden boots was good...but all the repeats prior was bad...especially paying full cinema tickets too

                  • Emma M.

                    look at this for r babies xx

                    • Katie C.

                      Tell me about it I was so annoyed so was my then 2 year old x

                    • Helen J.

                      Cool will bear in mind cheers x

                      • Kellie M.

                        OMG she will absolutely love this! If it does come out I'll have to take her xx

                        • Stephanie M.

                          Ha what parent could possibly resist. I myself can think of nothing I'd rather do than sit in a darkened room, filled with toddlers while the spoilt, obnoxious, pink porkers whiny voice at extreme volume through surround sound cuts through my brain :pig::scream:

                          • Louise C.

                            Think I'd need to take wine with me :joy::joy:

                            • Stephanie M.

                              I KNOW I'd have to. Lots of wine....and maybe some vodka. Oink oink :joy:

                              • Helen U.

                                :joy::joy::joy::joy: so true the only pig I like is between two slices of white bread xx

                                • Samantha I.

                                  After paying £30 for the privilege!

                                  • Stephanie M.

                                    Haha exactly right!!! I'm just hoping someone will rescue Daddy Pig. Poor sod is obviously verbally and mentally abused by all in the family!!

                                    • Noleen T.


                                      • Louise C.

                                        Maybe a roll nd bacon too :joy::joy:

                                      • Audra S.

                                        He would sit still for an hour for this ! Dunno if I would lol ! Xx

                                        • Edgy V.

                                          Why parents let kids watch this garbage is beyond me.

                                          • Melissa A.

                                            I used to say that but then my daughter discovered it. There are actually some quite informative episodes. If children become fans you can't really take it away from them

                                            • Edgy V.

                                              Children only become fans if you allow then to watch it.

                                              • Angela B.

                                                You can't decide what your kids like and don't like. Personally I don't like itp

                                                • Edgy V.

                                                  When it comes to watching TV its up to the parent what the child will watch. So yeah if I allow my daughter to watch it then she will like it.

                                                • Chris B.

                                                  Oh kayla would love this lol x

                                                  • Karla M.

                                                    Char would prob like peppa for first cinema all babies love peppa

                                                    • Lizzie B.

                                                      Actually forget that nearest is Bristol :smile:

                                                      • Emma I.

                                                        Still going to cost me £40 for 1adult 3 children?! Can't see how they can justify adults paying nearly £12 for a ticket!

                                                        • Angela R.

                                                          Haha might have to take her xx

                                                          • Lynne M.

                                                            I know I saw it but layla want sit that long to watch it all xx

                                                            • Paige C.

                                                              Gunna book tickets for the broad street one :rolling_eyes::pig: x

                                                              • Charlotte W.

                                                                Slightly disappointed no cinemas in Cornwall are participating..?!

                                                                • PlayPennies

                                                                  Is there an Odeon nearby that are showing it? They have just gone live with their bookings to so we have added that to the post as well now, let's hope there's one nearby for you! :)

                                                                • Angela B.

                                                                  Would love to have taken my granddaughter as she loves Peppa, however, you haven't given any cinemas for Belfast, Northern Ireland :angry:

                                                                  • PlayPennies

                                                                    The Odeon in Belfast are showing it. They hadn't gone live with their bookings earlier but it's live now so we have added it to the post. Hope that helps :)

                                                                    • Angela B.

                                                                      Thank you. Sounds like a wee treat is in store for Erica xx

                                                                      • Julie-Anne S.

                                                                        I'm going to be home in belfast when it comes out so thanks for asking this question! Going to book tickets now !

                                                                        • Elaine R.

                                                                          Where is the Odeon in Belfast xx

                                                                          • Laura M.

                                                                            I can't find any for Northern Ireland neither!

                                                                            • Nathalie L.

                                                                              In Victoria Square :)

                                                                            • Katie C.

                                                                              David mitchell as "Policeman Panda" :D

                                                                              • Jazmine M.

                                                                                Don't think their doing it at our cinema

                                                                                • Cara M.

                                                                                  £25 for 2 adults and a child to see Peppa Pig?! No thanks that's a disgrace!!