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I am a huge fan of canvas prints and putting ace photos up on the walls and I had no idea that you could get kits to make your own canvas prints. This is an idea that I LIKE! are selling a YouFrame Print at Home box canvas kit for only £9.99 – you get the extra pennies off with the voucher code below.

You print your chosen image directly onto one of the A4 canvas pieces provided. This does mean that you will never get the kind of quality that you’d expect from canvas prints done by the professionals, though, so be warned.

Although it would be interesting to review this kit and compare the quality to some of the canvasses actually.

The you mount the canvas onto the stretch-mount hinging frame system to complete the look of a traditional canvas. The entire process can, apparently, be done in under three minutes. The canvas is 24x18x2 when finished and you can even do it with your kids as it says it is suitable from age 8 upwards.

 Discount: £2
Promotional Code: SMZKFBTZVH

Discount: further £2 off
Promotional Code: ZMNZHXWRWF

Thanks to amibees at HUKD!

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  • Cy B.
    To get the £9.99 price you need to use the discount code 'youframe'

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