You Can Now Get Pink Prosecco Flavoured Cheese!

You Can Now Get Pink Prosecco Flavoured Cheese!

If you're in need of a gift for a Prosecco fan this Christmas then this is something they definitely won't have already - you can now buy Prosecco flavoured cheese!

The Great British Cheese Company has just released a Wensleydale With Raspberry & Prosecco cheese, and you can get a 200g truckle for just £4.50.

Click here for Wensleydale With Raspberry & Prosecco @ Great British Cheese Company*

This Wensleydale with Sweet raspberry and sharp Prosecco is unique to The Great British Cheese Company, and as with the traditional Wensleydale With Cranberries you'll get a similar savoury and sweet combination to make a balanced flavour.

The glorious pink colour of the cheese and the wax truckle is something completely different, and we can't wait to try some this Christmas!

This is in stock right now, but as word gets out it could well sell out fast!


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  • Kat W.

    Oo this may be in line for my next fave after choc orange :heart_eyes:

    • Jayne W.

      I will get one 4 party & triple chocolate :chocolate_bar: too

    • Silv G.

      :joy::joy::joy: unsure how I feel about this, part of me thinks it's sounds amazing!!! Other part of me thinks yuk :joy:

      • Carla W.

        Cheese and alcohol, winner?!

        • Shoina W.

          Can I still have prosecco with it if it has prosecco in it?! X

          • Grace N.

            I need to try this :rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes:

            • Janet C.

              Mmm I’d give it a go lol an as it has fruit it’d count as one of 5 a day lol xx

              • Kelly M.

                Would be interesting 2 try tho

                • Charlotte A.

                  OMG! All my dreams are made of this! :heart_eyes:

                  • Catherine C.

                    I don’t think I like the look of this

                    • Angela S.

                      I’m Ordering this was looking at it earlier :joy:

                      • Louise B.

                        Think we should try though x

                        • Catherine C.

                          But the colour is putting me off

                          • Natalie B.

                            Mmm not sure in that one.

                            • Stephanie G.

                              If it's anything to do with prosecco I'm in! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::raising_hand::raising_hand::raising_hand::raising_hand:

                              • Nicola T.

                                Cheese yes, prosecco yes but together?! No!! X