Woolies’ World Record Breaking Pass The Parcel Christmas Attempt

4 November 2010

Woolworths Pass the Parcel

Woolies is back! Well, sort of. They're back on ten high streets this Christmas, but rather than selling, they're giving away, and which high streets they'll be spreading their cheer on is apparently entirely up to us.

Woolworths.co.uk are attempting to set the Guinness World Record for the largest ever game of pass the parcel. Their mascots, snowmen Stan and Ollie, will be touring the UK with their parcel - a Ford Ka sized mountain of wrapping paper and toys.

Stan and Ollie will visit ten towns or cities as nominated by the public, and the writers of the winning nomination letters will be invited along to tear one giant layer off the parcel and take away the uncovered toys to the value of £500. Additional gifts will also be given to the first 100 people in each town to greet the snowmen as they pass through their town. The town that peels of the last layer will have all of this, along with a special celebrity surprise.

The Woolies' snowmen, who are also planning on making a surprise visit to deliver toys to a children's ward at each town they visit said, “We want everyone to know that Woolworths.co.uk is the home of family fun, bursting with toys and surprises for Christmas. We’re bringing thousands of pounds worth of toys to UK towns so we can break a world record as well as spread some festive cheer.”

So if you want to be one of the 100 people to receive free gifts, or even better, the one who gets to unwrap £500 worth of toys, you will need to get nominating. You can do this by going to the Woolworths Pass the Parcel website between now and 15 November and telling the snowmen in 100 words or less why they should come to your town.

The kinds of letters we’d love to get would give a good reason why the writer’s town deserves to get a visit... Perhaps one family would just really enjoy rallying their town to break a Guinness World Record!”

Whether this is a fantastic idea or the worlds best marketing gimmick, I have yet to decide, but for the towns nominated, it's sure to be a bit of fun that could at worst save a few parents a few pennies, and at best do wonders for community spirit around Christmas time.

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