Wonderpets: Save the Reindeer DVD £2.99 @ Play.com

Wonderpets: Save the Reindeer DVD £2.99 @ Play.com

Wonder PetsWonderpets, wonderpets, will save the day! Oh yes I've heard that theme tune many, many times, and will probably be still hearing it when I'm 80. The funny thing is that I find myself actually wanting to start singing "the phone! The phone is ringing!" whenever I hear a phone ring ... So maybe I won't be buying this one, but it would make a great stocking filler or Christmas gift for someone! Wonderpets: Save the Reindeer DVD is reduced to £2.99 at Play.com, a saving of 76% on the RRP of £12.99. This includes delivery.

If you've ever seen an episode of Wonderpets, you'll have a fairly good idea of how the storyline goes just from the title. But for what it is worth, here's the blurb from the DVD: "Teamwork is the name of the game in this exciting episode of WONDER PETS. Ming-Ming the duckling, Tuck the turtle, and Linny the guinea pig join forces to save their friend the reindeer from danger."

This is a region 2 DVD, and has a runtime of 96 minutes. Saving the reindeer doesn't seem like it will last that long! But I wasn't able to find much information about this title. There is a customer review on Amazon that suggests it is in fact a four episode DVD, with the title epsidoe being Wonderpets Save The Reindeer, and another one being Wonderpets Save The Camel.

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