Winthome Dressing Gowns From £8.69 @ Amazon/the Fluffle

Plus free delivery if you have prime
Winthome Dressing Gowns From £8.69 @ Amazon/the Fluffle

Dressing gowns are always on my list at Christmas time and I've found a cracking deal this morning! You have to add the £12 voucher on the links but when you do, watch those prices drop! They start from just £8.69 now and if you have prime, delivery is free too! The prices will depend on the size you choose but there's £12 off them all!

edit 15/11: They've changed the vouchers, it's now a mix of 40% off or £12 but there's still some bargains to be had! Prices from £9.59 delivered with prime! Just click the links below and apply your £12 or 40% voucher!

There's another range on the link too, they don't have £12 off but 30% vouchers to collect, so they're from £10.49 delivered with prime. They're a tad more expensive but depends on the size you choose and definitely worth a look too for the money.

**Make sure you collect the 30% voucher for this one**

If you're looking for a designer name, this DKNY Fleece Dressing Gown* has no voucher but it's a bit of a bargain too at £29.99.

Winthome Ladies Dressing Gowns From £8.69 @ Amazon/the Fluffle

I actually have a Winthome dressing gown and, like the reviews show, I've been really happy with it. I didn't pay £8.69 for it though! As I've mentioned above they're availble in three sizes M, L and XL and the price will depend on the option you choose but there's £12 or 30% vouchers available on them all right now.

Delivery is fast and free with prime for all the items I've linked.


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