Where To Buy The Sock Game 2018 UK

Where To Buy The Sock Game

It's been plastered on the telly, so everyone and their mother is after The Sock Game. If you are desperately trying to find where to buy The Sock Game in the UK, then wipe that sweat from your brow, we've done all the hard work for you...

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What is The Sock Game

The Sock Game is a fun game for the whole family. Simply split into teams and choose a sock. In each sock is 35 identical items, like dice, buttons and toy cars. Whatever item is selected by the spinner, is the one that you need to find before the other team.

The catch is that you are only allowed one hand in the sock. Good luck!

It's recommended from 8 years old and above, presumably due to small parts.

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  • Wendy R.

    could you make this game for boxing day...?? Easy enough surely??

  • Karen M.

    thought of u when I saw this. I am going to make for our family. Take pics of items and laminate.

  • Lisa B.

    this could be fun esp 1 handed :joy:

  • Anne B.

    it looks a good laugh.,x

  • Rosemary H.

    I have bought this game ages ago for our Christmas xxxx

  • Ruby L.

    That could be fun for us, especially after A few drinks :wine_glass: I’ll try and buy it xx

  • Susie P.

    They definitely had it in store :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

  • Susie P.

    I had it in my hands :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: first aisle

  • Pamela E.

    i thought you might :laughing: I’m quite tempted too...

  • Emily D.

    This was on Phil Schofields programme last night! He really rated it!

  • Kerrie G.

    meelie would love this xx

  • Rachel M.

    how much would. The girls love this game

  • Sharon P.

    Should i get this for boxing day x

  • Jean L.

    Got some new games already for this year, maybe we'll even get to use them :)

  • Dan L.

    saw this on the Phillip Schofield thing the other night but we’d just missed it so dunno what it is x

  • Keira E.

    Free delivery doesn’t work

  • Veronica P.

    I don't get it? Two stockings a bunch of cracker toys and you have the game for free?

  • Nicky K.

    shall i get this for xmas day??xx

  • Ashley B.

    this would be fun at brunch x

  • Rhona E.

    what about this for Xmas day?

  • Neero N.

    This was rated as top 5 game on, Philip Schofield ITV3 - How to spend it well at Christmas program. Not for £70 though much cheaper.

  • Jackie L.

    this is what I got Imogen, one of the popular games out this Christmas

  • Gill W.

    I’ve pre ordered mine from smyths says expected delivery 6th Dec

  • Cadey R.

    this is what Darcee plays with herself lol

  • Tara L.

    Just use socks uve already got and fill then with random things around the house won't cost u anything then lol!!

  • Clare M.

    one for our board game evenings. This looks ace! Xx

  • Hazel B.

    this is the game I was on about! Have no idea what is and why it sells out rapid! Lol x

  • Kristal J.

    just ordered it

  • Emily W.

    oooo this is intriguing:hushed::hushed:

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