VTech Toot Toot Drivers Or Animals Calendar £24.97 Each @ Asda George

VTech Toot Toot Drivers Or Animals Calendar £24.97 Each @ Asda George

If you were hoping for a Toot Toot Advent Calendar for the kids this Christmas the good news is that this year there are two available, and they're both for sale from Asda at £24.97 each. There's the VTech Toot Toot Drivers Advent Calendar, and a VTech Toot Toot Animals Calendar, so you can pick one that matches your child's favourite Toot Toot toys!

Both calendars are similar in that they will have fun toys that work with your existing Toot Toot sets or will work on their own with the fold down cardboard track on the front of the calendar as it has a smart point included to trigger the features of the toot toot animals and vehicles.

The Animals one will include a Reindeer, and the Drivers calendar has a Sleigh with the toys, and both will play festive songs and melodies. The toys that you get are exclusive so you can't buy them separately, as they're only available in the calendar.

I tried to get a Toot Toot Advent for my youngest last year and left if far too late, as they do tend to sell out very quickly!

If Asda sell out you can also get the Toot Toot Drivers Advent Calendar* at Argos for £24.99, though they don't sell the Toot Toot Animals one.


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  • Corinna C.

    Benjamin needs 1 of these :grinning:

    • Stacey M.

      I love these but so small bits xx

      • Zoe H.

        I love it! I need one :grinning:

        • Laura M.

          Oh cool thanks lovely might get him one!!! X

          • Rachel F.

            Ahhh man! I got Harry the animals one I didn't realise there was a drivers one aswell! Gutted! Xxx

            • Gemma F.

              I've got toot toots coming out my ears now, definitely don't need any more. Thanks for sharing anyway x

              • Liz M.

                I need to get this for Ian :heart_eyes:

                • Kelly H.

                  After all the birthday presents I have no room for any more toys LOL

                  • Gemma M.

                    This is brilliant. Thanks hunny ♡

                    • Hayley W.

                      I wish they did toot toot friends one

                      • Samantha L.

                        Aww the kids love the toot toot things :heart_eyes: xx