Vtech Baby Toot-Toot Drivers Advent Calendar £24.99 @ Amazon

Vtech Baby Toot-Toot Drivers Advent Calendar £24.99 @ Amazon

We've been keeping a close eye out for all the new advent calendars, and this year's VTech Baby Toot-Toot Drivers Advent Calendar has just become available to pre-order. You can get it for £24.99 at Amazon with free delivery, and a pre-order price guarantee.

This new 2016 Advent Calendar is called Go Go Animals, and you get a musical Reindeer with this one! It will play Christmas songs, melodies and sound effects, and will work with smart points on your regular Toot Toot sets as well, although there is one included in the calendar too.

The VTech Toot Toot Advent Calendar is on pre-order and is due to be released on 19th October. Placing a pre-order with Amazon means that you will be reserving your item, plus there's a price guarantee so that if the price drops between now and the release date you will pay the lowest price it drops too.

So many advent calendars are unsuitable for little ones because of the size of the toys, but the Toot Toot one is great for kids aged 12 months and over.

They work out a great value for money because of the toys you get inside, as you get a vehicle and a smartpoint included in the set, plus loads of other toys as well. Each year the toys you get in the calendar are unique, and you can't buy them separately, so you'll only be able to get these toys in the advent calendar.

I missed out on one of the Toot Toot Advent Calendars last year as I was waiting for a price drop, and by the time it did there was no stock to be found, so this year I'm getting my order in nice and early!


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  • Emma G.

    how cute does this years look!

    • Sara H.

      Aw wow yeah that is so cute!

    • Hazel T.

      Frankie would love this xx

      • Kelly S.

        we have to get this this year!!!

        • Emma S.

          Lily would love this

          • Max M.

            Freya needs this!

            • Marie S.

              That's amazing!

              • Nichola M.

                how cute for jacob x

                • Sarah T.

                  I'm so tempted but it's £25! Xxxxx

                  • Lisa N.

                    keagan wants one :joy:xxxx

                    • Laura W.

                      Thank you x

                      • Karan D.

                        Ordered x

                        • Marie S.

                          It would be good for Charlie because he can't have chocolate!

                          • Laura F.

                            This is well nice. Really struggled to get nice toy advent calendar for Sadie when younger X

                            • Catherine C.

                              im getting this one for oliver xx

                              • Gemma H.

                                I would love to get him this!!

                                • Rayanne D.

                                  Been waiting months they keep pushing the order date back

                                  • Darren M.

                                    Have to get it

                                    • Diane E.

                                      This looks amazing!!

                                      • Nicola R.

                                        , it's different from last year!

                                        • Tracey D.

                                          No Santa sleigh though :confused: