Top Ten Christmas Films From Amazon

Top Ten Christmas Films From Amazon


What's your favourite films to watch at Christmas time? There's nothing better than cosying up with the children or a loved one and sticking a movie on. Whether it's a romance or a comedy, there's just something so special about festive films. We have compiled a list of OUR favourite Christmas films and how to get them from Amazon for a great price!

  1. Elf*- This HAD to be our number one! With it's mixture of childish and adult humour, this film is a favourite for many people, including myself.  If you haven't seen it, you really must! Only £3 from Amazon.
  2. It's a Wonderful Life*- Christmas films don't come more heart-warming than this classic. This film will have you snuggling into you loved ones like no other. Only £9.98 from Amazon
  3. Miracle on 34th Street*- This is one for all of those Santa non-believers. A firm favourite of those who were children of the 90's. Only £3 from Amazon
  4. Home Alone*-  I like to think of this as the non-traditional type of Christmas film. It's funny but has a nice warm message in it too. Only £8 for the box set of four films from Amazon
  5. The Muppet Christmas Carol*- Family fun with a festive theme. All lovers of Miss Piggy and Kermit will love this. This really is one for the WHOLE family, including tots. Just £5 from Amazon
  6. Love Actually*- A film set at Christmas time that is themed around love and the challenges that come with it. A soppy one but a nice one to watch with the other half.  Just £7.99 from Amazon
  7. The Polar Express*-  This film is a MUST for children. It's an adventure and a Christmas, wintery tale. Even older children like this one. Just £5 from Amazon
  8. The Snowman*- I cry at this every year because it's such a lovely film. If you haven't already, show the kids this. A truely beautiful Christmas film. Just £5 from Amazon
  9. The Santa Clause*- A hilarious film that will fill the festive night with laughter. It's getting on a bit now but still a truly popular choice at Christmas time. Just £3.20 at Amazon
  10. The Grinch*-  A tale of suspense and not too slushy as far as Christmas films go. Another great one for the family to watch together. Just £7.03 from Amazon

Spend £10+ at Amazon and you can get these films even cheaper. Just pay by Mastercard and enter the Amazon promotion code MCARD5 and you will receive £5 off. Meaning you could get lots of these!


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