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What's your favourite films to watch at Christmas time? There's nothing better than cosying up with the children or a loved one and sticking a movie on. Whether it's a romance or a comedy, there's just something so special about festive films. We have compiled a list of OUR favourite Christmas films and how to get them from Amazon for a great price!

  1. Elf*- This HAD to be our number one! With it's mixture of childish and adult humour, this film is a favourite for many people, including myself.  If you haven't seen it, you really must! Only £3 from Amazon.
  2. It's a Wonderful Life*- Christmas films don't come more heart-warming than this classic. This film will have you snuggling into you loved ones like no other. Only £9.98 from Amazon
  3. Miracle on 34th Street*- This is one for all of those Santa non-believers. A firm favourite of those who were children of the 90's. Only £3 from Amazon
  4. Home Alone*-  I like to think of this as the non-traditional type of Christmas film. It's funny but has a nice warm message in it too. Only £8 for the box set of four films from Amazon
  5. The Muppet Christmas Carol*- Family fun with a festive theme. All lovers of Miss Piggy and Kermit will love this. This really is one for the WHOLE family, including tots. Just £5 from Amazon
  6. Love Actually*- A film set at Christmas time that is themed around love and the challenges that come with it. A soppy one but a nice one to watch with the other half.  Just £7.99 from Amazon
  7. The Polar Express*-  This film is a MUST for children. It's an adventure and a Christmas, wintery tale. Even older children like this one. Just £5 from Amazon
  8. The Snowman*- I cry at this every year because it's such a lovely film. If you haven't already, show the kids this. A truely beautiful Christmas film. Just £5 from Amazon
  9. The Santa Clause*- A hilarious film that will fill the festive night with laughter. It's getting on a bit now but still a truly popular choice at Christmas time. Just £3.20 at Amazon
  10. The Grinch*-  A tale of suspense and not too slushy as far as Christmas films go. Another great one for the family to watch together. Just £7.03 from Amazon

Spend £10+ at Amazon and you can get these films even cheaper. Just pay by Mastercard and enter the Amazon promotion code MCARD5 and you will receive £5 off. Meaning you could get lots of these!

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