The THX Wave Hello Curling Tongs Review

Have you ever wanted the hair that you see on shampoo ads? Yeah, me too. Usually my hair is tied up in a bun or something equally boring because it has a tendency to look dry and depressed in winter. I then got these ace THX Wave Hello Curling Tongs in for review in the desperate hope that they would save my locks this Christmas. Did they work? Were they easy to use? Read on…

The first thing I did was whip out the instruction manual and have a read. Easy enough I thought, as I looked at the various ideas that are illustrated with gorgeous photos and step-by-step advice. The tongs can get you a huge range of hairstyles actually, and that I did not expect. I thought I would get waves and that was it. No sirree, here you can have bounce, flair, oomph, and all sorts and all you need is hair long enough to do it with.

You can even set the heat of the tongs to your own specifications and they heat up really quickly. The manual says 30 seconds but I’m pretty sure mine are faster. When I first used the tongs I found them quite big and hard to manage. Now, I am a bit of a hair idiot and tend to struggle with even simple do’s, so this is very likely a user issue.

In spite of this I managed to create some absolutely gorgeous waves that I wore to work with such pride. They held for most of the day and I was very impressed. As a Christmas gift for the mums and teens in your life this is a total win. And they are also selling for a very reasonable £27.94.

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