Where To Buy Thomas & Friends MINIS Advent Calendar In The UK 2016

Thomas & Friends MINIS Advent Calendar

Want to know where the Thomas & Friends MINIS Advent Calendar is in stock right now in the U.K? You've come to the right place. The links below will let you see where it's currently in stock and also where has the best prices.

In Stock

  • No UK stores currently have stock.

Limited Stock/Higher RRP

  • Amazon* £121.12 + £4.48 delivery - GRAB HERE

Out of Stock

If you are looking for a really special Advent Calendar for your kids this Christmas then this Thomas & Friends MINIS one is just about the best I have seen!

This isn't one of those advents with assorted little nick nacks or sweets, it's much better than that as this has a Thomas & Friends MINIS engine behind every single door! Normally these cost up to £2.99 each for the Blind Bags so it's brilliant value for money, plus there's no risk of duplicates here!

There's even six exclusive Christmas themed engines inside, so Thomas fans are going to go wild for this calendar!

Due to the size of the engines it's not suitable for under threes, so the youngest fans won't be able to play with this one, but older fans can go wild.

Why not take a look at our Top Christmas Toys and grab a bargain this Christmas.

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  • Courtney W.

    He's got a lot of minis so he wouldn't be happy if he got doubles lol... will have a look though :) cxcc

  • Michelle C.

    Just ordered one!! Was out of stock earlier in the week! Hope it comes now! :steam_locomotive:

  • Courtney W.

    I know but minis are 3 pound each so wouldn't be too bad at 25 for 25 pounds but still quite dear lol xxxc

  • Ellen H.

    Cheers love it's ordered xx

  • Nicola F.

    Feeling smug already got mine lol x

  • Julie M.

    He is going to love it xxx

  • Avril C.

    Seth will be delighted ! X

  • Natalie C.

    Yeah, that's so awesome I'm totally getting him that xxx

  • Louise M.

    But Dylan would love it :heart_eyes::joy::steam_locomotive:

  • Emma D.

    Thank you chick just ordered 1 he'll love it xxx

  • Carol R.

    Just ordered it, he will love it! Thank you so much :) x

  • Emma P.

    i have just purchased!!!

    I want a reasonably priced make up one for Maddie now?! X

  • Faye L.

    Yes thanks, I had to order one :blush: xx

  • Sam L.

    U can only get it delivered x

  • Theginger B.

    Just ordered one. Looks brill xx

  • Simon J.

    I think he would like it!

  • Kylie B.

    Already out of stock again :cry:

  • Debbie P.

    Wow! He would love this. Cheers x

  • Emily B.

    Says out of stock again :disappointed:

  • Samantha L.

    Out of stock again will you still be getting more in? I keep trying to get one

    • Samantha L.

      Still saying out of stock when you go to pay

  • Bec W.

    Aw gutted, they've gone already!

  • Tracey B.

    Yea Hun, got one ordered as they are available again :blush:

  • Katy B.

    Will have to order this! Spencer's just discovered the minis :relaxed::thumbsup_tone2:

  • Nicole S.

    I will keep checking for it to come back in stock x

  • Jemma M.

    Oh he would love it! :grinning:

  • Tor M.

    We have already got one! I can't wait to give it to Tom! I couldn't resist the price xx

  • Clare F.

    gutted , sold out will keep an eye out though xx

  • Kath B.

    That's a must buy....thank you x

  • Sarah M.

    Thank you - saw this the other day and thought it looked fab til I saw the price.... £25!!

  • Wayne O.

    Just tried to buy it and it's out of stock :rage:xx

  • Pamela H.

    Bought it this morning :grinning:

  • Gemma C.

    Oh I really want this lol z x

  • Lauren M.

    Thank u!! Didn't even know this existed! Xxx

  • Lauren W.

    I saw them the other day but don't think I can justify £20 on an advent calendar x

  • Ryan P.

    :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: ooo thats a good one !!

  • Katie H.

    Got it :-) will open 1st Dec lol x

  • Kaiyliegh R.

    Still out of stock :sob::thumbsdown_tone1: need everyone keeping an eye out for me next week :pray_tone1::pray_tone1:xxx

  • Kerry M.

    Oh flip! But how do U teach only one a day? Haha

  • Charlene C.

    Omg! £25 each :see_no_evil:Think we will stick to kinerton £1 ones Lu lol!

  • Krystina G.

    Thanks it's out of stock so if you see again let me know xxx

  • Stephanie T.

    Now out of stock on a mission x

  • Lisa J.

    I have it ordered! He will combust when he sees it!

  • Kim S.

    They're back in stock next week x

  • Becca G.

    I tried earlier this aft when I got home, it would add to basket but then errored when checking out :-( thanks though :kissing_heart:

  • Catherine M.

    Out of stock at the mo :tired_face:

  • Claire G.

    he will love opening it every morning :grin:

  • Carrie-Ann M.

    sold out will have one devastated wee boy :worried: xx

  • Lisa M.

    Always on the look out for things for the boys x

  • Samantha G.

    i even considered buying some from America that aren't out here yet and substitute the doubles but it works out at nearly £70 in total :sob::sob::sob: xx

  • Hannah T.

    Omg trying to get it. Sold out everywhere... Including asda x

  • Lou C.

    I tried to get it sold out EVERYWHERE! Xx

  • Mary-Jane H.

    i tried to get them but wasnt quick enough :(

  • Jennifer D.

    I will hunt them down too xx

  • Nick M.

    Don't let you order or pre order :(

  • Rebecca M.

    Brody would love that :grin: x

  • Kate B.

    Worth it. Those bad boys a 2 quid each

  • Jaclyn M.

    I think these are more exciting for them. Who wants chocolate :joy: jack will freak when he gets this xxx

  • Dani T.

    Ordered one earlier! Noah's gonna be so excited everyday opening this!!

  • Lyn I.

    Thanks...will get him one I think. Looking at the Lego calendars other day...but this is better x

  • Amie C.

    Oooo I might have to get Maddy one of these. She'd love it :heart_eyes:

  • Kaylie C.

    Works out like £1 each which is great he will love it :heart_eyes: but want to open then all instead of one a day ahaha love him

  • Sue R.

    They're out of stock already!!

  • Zoe B.

    Thanks Hun looks amazing x

  • Claire B.

    Funnily enough i was looking at this the other day could only locate in the states so thanks Hun have just ordered....:kissing_heart: xx

  • Lauren L.

    Ordered it the other day :blush: He'll be so excited!

  • Danny B.

    Sold oot again. Will need to keep on the case X

  • Vickyclem

    does anyone know if these fit standard wooden train tracks? Don't want to get them if not! 

  • Karon T.

    Liam would be in heaven!!!

  • Kay E.

    , Henry would love this! X

  • Tor M.

    Thanks Lisa, we have managed to get him one :smiley::trolleybus:

  • Kirsty M.

    No option to add to basket for me :cry:

  • Kerryanne B.

    I've been checking all morning xxx

    • Kimberley W.

      You can buy one when it says out of stock and will ship when they get them back. I ordered one yesterday when it said out of stock and I've had an email today saying it's been dispatched.

    • Kerryanne B.

      Thank you ordered one xxx

  • Vicki M.

    Will they be available in store at any point please or just online? :steam_locomotive:

    • PlayPennies

      Sorry Vicki we don't know. It doesn't say it's an online exclusive, but we haven't seen them in store at all.

    • Vicki M.

      PlayPennies ok, thanks very much for replying x

  • Kate C.

    Ahh I see they outta stock again

  • Natasha H.

    Oooohhh. Thank you. I'll look :-)

  • Kimberley W.

    It allows you to order even though it is out of stock and they will ship it when they receive more stock. I ordered one yesterday and said they would dispatch as soon as they had stock and had email today said it's being sent

  • PlayPennies

    It says Out Of Stock but scroll down the page on the Desktop version of the site and the 'Add To Basket' button is working and letting you order!

  • Kerryanne B.

    I got it! It appeared in my basket I think it's coz I saved it for later when it said out of stock xxx

  • Kerryanne B.

    I got it thanks it appeared in my basket !! Thank you ' xxx

  • Jannine A.

    Thanks just ordered it x x

  • Danielle D.

    Omg!!! He'd love it!!!! Xx

  • Anne E.

    I've just ordered mine via the link kind of seem to fail then gave me delivery options so mines ordered !!

  • Leanne H.

    Thankyou. He would love this! I'll have to get it this year. X

  • Amy H.

    Just ordered mine went straight through on the link

  • Jennifer M.

    Thank you playpennies have just ordered online :smile:

  • Tiffany L.

    I've been trying to get one of these since I saw them about 2 weeks ago everywhere was sold out, I just managed to get one thanks to you!!

  • Carrie T.

    Hi how much are these usually please?

  • Hazel M.

    This would be good for Mikey xxx

  • Carol S.

    Funny enough I was tagged in this a few days ago but online jus keeps saying out of stock.. Clicked on ur link and it was in stock so I've now ordered it :grinning: Thank you

  • Vicky W.

    Got mine ... woooo thank you

  • Tania P.

    I saw this! Looks amazing xx

  • Leanne V.

    Omg yeah he would love it! Xx

  • Melanie A.

    Just ordered it!!! Looks fab!! Yeh still likes Thomas xx

  • Emma G.

    Got it from Asda. It's out of stock but if you go onto the desktop site and it lets you add it to your basket and order it. Says it will be delivered as soon as it comes in xx

  • Bec W.

    Yes got one, thanks hun x

  • Stephanie C.

    Not sure I want to pay £25 on an advent calendar but thanks! x

  • Charlotte M.

    Wooo! Just ordered! Thanks PlayPennies x

  • Sophie R.

    That's great he would love it! Xx

  • Chantal A.

    Yes! thank you I've got it from this! They are like gold dust! Xx

  • Nicky G.

    Just ordered one :steam_locomotive::steam_locomotive::steam_locomotive:

  • Stacey W.

    Been trying to get this! Sold out everywhere :sob::sob::sob:

  • Katie G.

    I love you! Thank you so much!!! I got one yay :raised_hands_tone2:

  • Amy A.

    Deffo!!! Gunna get one after payday lol xx

  • Jessica T.

    He would go mental for that xxx

  • Laura G.

    I think these are the ones on the advert that stay attached to a track an do the loop the loop am all sorts. He saw it today an said he wanted it lol x

  • SF K.

    Any idea when theyre due to arrive?

  • Karen H.

    I managed to order mines, thank you playpennies. :wink:Now I'm on the hunt for something for my daughter, anyone know is the disney tsum tsum one will be available in the UK. ?? ️Xx

  • Kathryn R.

    Hattie would love this :grin:

  • Laura H.

    If this is showing as out of stock, add it to saved items and then it will let you add it to basket from there!

    • Sandra J.

      Thanks Laura just did as u said, and got one for my little boy, he will love this xx

    • Sandra J.

      Jo Clewes am collecting mines from store tomorrow after 5pm x

  • Amy S.

    Already out of stock again, but have managed to order! :thumbsup::kissing_heart:

  • Jody W.

    Add to saved items and then you can add it to basket from there x

  • Laura F.

    We get a hot wheels one yday :race_car::blush:

  • Laura W.

    It's saying out of stock x

  • Wendy C.

    Tried says unexpected error

  • Sarah J.

    Out of stock again booooo c

  • Kate M.

    They are in stock now and sell out fast usually though xx

  • Cath H.

    Is it meant to still say out of stock in saved items?

  • Linda R.

    Keep an eye out on certain stores. They had it in Asda Livingston the other week x

  • Wendy C.

    I processed it right through to payment then it said error and then out of stock :cry:

  • Michelle C.

    I saw this earlier I will invest if I can get one xxx

  • Amy S.

    He can have a chocolate one :joy::joy:

  • Jaine P.

    It's out of stock but I will try to track one down! Xx

  • Danielle L.

    Missed it again! Bum! 1hr and it's out of stock?! Madness! X

  • Kat G.

    I'm buying it then!!! xxx

  • Danielle S.

    done my own :) got the minis for £1 and iv got a christmas advent thing with 25 draws and im gonna put them in there :) xx

  • Louise B.

    Thanks Hun, will check it out x

  • Abii H.

    Soon as I saw this earlier I went on and already sold out!! :weary: I've had to buy some "blind bag" ones to put in a fabric Advent Calendar I got but they could be duplicates!! :rolling_eyes:

  • Denise M.

    Had these in asda cheltenham yesterday

  • Hannah B.

    Cool! I've got him a play dough one, but this looks good for next year. Thanks. X

  • Jessica W.

    He wants this been trying for the last month I have even emailed asda twice about stock. No reply.

  • Helen J.

    It says Amazon and eBay sale it too x

  • Jessica W.

    They have a massive pack never in stock too x

  • Jessica W.

    Yeah people bulk buy then sell it twice as much. Selfish people if you ask me. X

  • Mandy G.

    I got ours off Ebay about a month ago, didn't think they would be in the shops. I paid £35 for the one I got x

  • Maz M.

    I ordered One this morning thanjs x

  • Ian S.

    I'll have to try and get one x

  • Kirsty S.

    Im gonna go get it tomorrow x

  • Deborah B.

    It didn't come up on my feed and as soon as I did it it was gone x

  • Natasha G.

    Just got mine :) been trying for ages

  • Annie J.

    Just ordered one <3 Thank you :-*

  • Annie J.

    So so happy!! they're on eBay for £50 :-( and I wasn't going to pay that x

  • Dawn R.

    I just ordered it 2 mins ago !!!

  • Dawn R.

    Its not saying out of stock its letting me add it to my basket !!

  • Dawn R.

    Depends what engines he has if its a lot of doubles there r well over 100 different ones !! There r 5 exclusive xmas ones in the advent calendar :grin: jake loves all of the ones that are decorated different! ! Xx

  • Jodie C.

    Woo hoo - got one - thank you!!

  • Marie H.

    Finally ordered one, thank you soo much. :smile:

  • Emily B.

    I may have to get this.. They cost £1.50 each train.. 24 u get in total.. Although.got no money lol :joy::joy::joy:

  • Sam G.

    It is a bargain! It says Amazon are selling it for £40! Xx

  • Gemma P.

    Haha he gets a mini train everyday instead of chocolate

  • Emily B.

    Sod it. Were gonna get!!! Xx

  • Heidi-Jane T.

    Thank you so much for posting this. Finally managed to get on for my son! :)

  • Dawn R.

    The advent calendar has mostly normal ones and the special xmas ones xx

  • Beth F.

    Yep.....still obsessed. We're slowly weaning him off it....but this is pretty cool!! xx

  • Mel G.

    This is great if you're not already collecting the minis as they're too many duplications!! Shame they're not all exclusive to the advent calendar :flushed:

  • Helen B.

    Thank u so much huni just ordered it wil hav one very happy littleboy :) xx

  • Lisa W.

    I have literally just ordered one five mins ago before i saw this lol x

  • Jessica W.

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou finally got one xxx

  • Nicole W.

    Thanks so much Hun I've just order one finally :raised_hands_tone1: xx

  • Laura S.

    Yes I got it!! Thanks so much hun I keep missing it x

  • Jessica L.

    Thank you very much for the tip, got mine :santa::steam_locomotive:

  • Lindsey M.

    Aargh, could add it to my basket several times but wouldn't process my card payment and now it's gone. Annoying!

  • Andrea M.

    He would love it :heart_eyes: but its £25 for an advent callender :thinking::thinking:

  • Billijo T.

    ahh that's good Hun, bless him he loves Thomas :kissing_heart:

  • Andrea M.

    Its amazing and he would love it but im not sure about spending that much :speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil: xxx

  • Becky F.

    Thanks Hun, already had a look into this but it's sold out already!! He would love it though, so I'm still on the look out lol xx

  • Lisha H.

    Looks fab doesn't it!! Tony would love it! Xx

  • Eilidh L.

    I'm too tight :see_no_evil: he wouldn't understand he couldn't open it all :joy:

  • Louise S.

    I'm trying to get this 4 Leo he would love it x

  • Lana-Jane T.

    Noah wants a hot wheels one lol

  • SF K.

    Ordered from Asda a month ago. Received notification it was dispatched two weeks ago. No tracker update and no response from Asda customer services. Raging!!!!

  • Katie S.

    Too skint :sob: really wanted it for him lol

  • Paula C.

    Ooh I will look now thanks hun xx

  • Zoe W.

    Already got him a lego one.

  • Chelsea V.

    Out of stock tired to buy it xx

  • Lynsey S.

    Wow...crazy expensive for an advent calendar! Pure madness!

  • Laura B.

    I was going to get this but we have 19 out of the 24 xx

  • Adam P.

    25 at Asda and 50 off Amazon!!!!!! Jesus

  • Jem P.

    It's the gift that keeps on giving!

  • Lynzey S.

    amazing!! One happy boy, thank you xx

  • samwibble1075

    Is there an update on this? Will Asda be getting more stock or is that it now? Thx

  • dawnlee

    trying to find one as my grandsons was stolen from my daughters house thats all he wanted so im desperately trying tl find one that i can buy for him any suggestions would be helpful thanks 

  • Nicola_angel1

    hi I have been look for one for my son for a while on Asda website it just keeps saying currently unavailable 

  • Nicola_angel1

    been checking this daily and keeps saying currently unavailable 

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