The Top 12 Most Often Forgotten Christmas Items

Did You Forget Anything For Christmas?

No matter how much planning and preparation time we have for Christmas Day, when it actually comes to December 25th we always forget something. Always. Then the next year we make sure we absolutely positively will not forget the cranberry sauce...and we forget the crackers instead.

Tesco* have put together a handy list of what they think are the most forgotten Christmas items each year. Presumably they get this data from looking at what sells in the last ten minutes of trading on Christmas Eve, or from the frantic phone calls received at 6am on December 25th at their call centre trying to find a store that isn't closed.

Here's the list they have put together - ring any bells?

  1. Batteries. Required in various sizes, shapes and amounts for all the brightly coloured flashing lights and musical sounds of the toys neatly wrapped under the tree, all with "batteries not included" written in minuscule letters in one corner of the box obscured by the "With Flashing Lights!!!!!" sticker.
  2. Gift Bags. The easy quick way to wrap a last minute gift!
  3. Cellotape. I'm the opposite, I tend to have about a dozen in the kitchen drawer just in case...because I ran out once a few years back.
  4. Foil. For the Turkey, of course!
  5. Yorkshire Puddings: Well they do take up an awful lot of room in the freezer those Aunt Bessies. Make your own? Yes Mum.
  6. Cranberry Sauce: Everyone forgets that. It's traditional.
  7. Gravy: Ditto.
  8. Pigs In Blankets: Does anyone ever eat these on the other 364 days of the year? No wonder they get missed off the list. It's not going to be in the "my favourites" bit of the online shop is it?
  9. Matches and Lighters: For the gorgeous scented Christmas Candles, or to set the Christmas pud on fire? Or for when you decide to take up smoking from the stress of realising the Turkey is still frozen at 11am.
  10. Napkins: I wouldn't stress too much about this one. Stick a pack of baby wipes on the table for all the sticky fingers and spills, there's always lots of those in the house.
  11. Bin Bags: You need about a thousand for all the leftover food, wrapping paper (seeing as so many councils won't recycle it!), broken baubles, pulled cracker detritus and ten tonnes of plastic wrapping around each little plastic toy the kids have been given.
  12. Table Crackers: Well if you do forget them at least you won't need as many bin bags.

Although I'm not hosting Christmas (yay!) we will still be having a mini Christmas dinner with the four of us on Boxing Day, but I doubt my lot will be bothered if I forget anything. It's crackers I know I haven't got yet, and although I have remembered them as I am writing, if I remember them when I finish my grocery order is another matter completely. And that's crackers for cheese as well as table crackers. Oh and cheese.

So did Tesco get the list right or is there something they have forgotten too?

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