The Snaffling Pig Pork Crackling Advent Calendar £14.99 @ Studio

The Snaffling Pig Pork Crackling Advent Calendar £14.99 @ Studio

If you're on the look out for an alternative advent calendar for 2018 then we may have found just the one for you. Well, that is if you enjoy a pork based snack or two!

The Snaffling Pig Co have released their 2018 Pork Crackling Advent Calendar and it is set to be a big seller this Christmas.

This A3 sized advent calendar has 24 doors for you to open to count down to Christmas Day with. Behind each door you will find a mini bag of The Snaffling Pig Co Pork Crackling to enjoy!

It is priced at £14.99 and is currently available at Studio. What better way than to count down to Christmas with your favourite tipple and a bag of pork crackling of a Winter's evening.

New customers can get FREE home delivery when you enter our exclusive code 048 at the checkout. Standard home delivery is £4.99.


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  • Vicky S.

    Omg this ones defo for Zara lol x

    • Kimberley A.

      one for Karl and Jonathan lol

      • Lindsay S.

        Urgh! Marie-Claire and , I shouldn’t even be showing you this! :pig:

        • Tash A.

          I would love this

          • Candy C.

            You know what he’s like he say he didn’t like cold crackling then eat his way through it in the first week!!!

            • Melanie B.

              Just looked it’s really a thing :joy::joy::joy: I’d be a :pig: after 24 days of pork scratchings:joy::joy:

              • Sarah P.

                I want pork scratchings now!!:blush:

                • Rachael P.

                  :joy: And youd stink coming into work after them every morning:joy: - I’m moving desks :joy::joy::joy:

                  • Tom P.

                    I want one of these for work!! Then again though I’d have to keep you lot away from it, would actually want it to make it past day one :joy:

                    • Sarah R.

                      Erm.....this is fab!!!!!!xx

                      • Victoria G.

                        ... about 3 seconds :joy:

                        • Melanie B.

                          :joy::joy::joy:you know you want one:joy::joy:

                          • Megan L.

                            :sweat_smile: and Jo can have nugget calendar haha

                            • Megan L.

                              Just thought that.....Magic Stars or lunchables please :grin: lol

                              • Max N.

                                Pork scratching advert calendar :pig_nose::pig_nose::pig_nose:!!!

                                • Jemma S.

                                  Don't.. he'll have me looking for where to get one!!

                                  • Vicki B.

                                    Lovely!! I find you one - don’t get me one tho:joy::joy:

                                    • Samantha L.

                                      Day 2 of being a veggie and I literally want to smash my face into this

                                      • Jo R.

                                        I’m down for this :joy: xx

                                        • Lucy Y.

                                          Oh, you know me so well xxx :pig: xxx