Coca-Cola Have Cancelled The Christmas Truck Tour 2020

Holidays aren't coming...
Coca-Cola Have Cancelled The Christmas Truck Tour 2020

It's officially the Christmas season when the Coca-Cola Christmas advert appears on our TVs, but this year we'll have to do without the usual visit of the coke truck, as the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour has been officially cancelled.

Coco Cola posted the announcement on their social media accounts, and although it's not exactly a surprise, many reacted with sadness at the loss of another festive tradition.

Coca Cola GB said "Due to current restrictions around the country, our Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour won’t go ahead this year. We know it's disappointing, but we’ll continue to share special Christmas moments throughout the festive season. We look forward to seeing you next year!"

So many of you tell us that you love going to this every year, and it's become part of the excitement of the build-up to Christmas for your family. I think it's because of the famous advert - we know it's really Christmas when that hits our TV screens, and at least we can still enjoy that in 2020. Here's hoping that it returns as normal next year. Stay safe x

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Reply to
  • Rachael B.

    coming to Swansea :santa::santa:

    • Jayne D.

      Your kids will love it, I wouldn't go outside my front door to see it lol x

      • Rachael B.

        Oh lol spoil sport :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

      • Sarah R.

        its not coming to us this year :cry:

        • Kelly G.

          It was rubbish last time anyway x

          • Sarah R.

            true but think Corban would have loved it!

          • Jason M.

            bristol the 18th at the mall

            • Jane F.

              Only 1 Scottish date. That's a poor show.

              • Nicola P.

                No dates for north wales:angry::angry::angry:

                • Stacey E.

                  Booo!! Nothing in North Yorkshire!

                  • Nina C.

                    Oh look n.ireland misses out again :rage:

                    • Bailey M.

                      Hear hear!!! Yet again!

                    • Steph L.

                      Gutted not coming to Preston :disappointed:

                      • Nicky G.

                        Very poor show that it’s only in Glasgow, nowhere else in Scotland. Rubbish!!

                        • Gail H.

                          Took the words straight out of my mouth . I’m disgusted to think it’s not even at union square in Aberdeen this year :rage:

                          • Nicky G.

                            I think it’s shocking. There’s alot more to Scotland than Glasgow!

                          • Nichola E.

                            Wow. 2 days in Scotland. Well done :grimacing:

                            • Lydia B.

                              We need to go! :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:xxx

                              • Lindsay P.

                                No yeovil this time :angry: my son will be very disappointed.

                                • Lindsey P.

                                  No Brighton or Eastbourne this year :pensive:

                                  • Emma J.

                                    Complete waste of time. By being so disorganised it has ruined the whole exciting novelty of 'xmas and the coca cola truck'. Sadly phased out now by the lack of organisation and lack of entertertainment for the overly paying public who have kept this money spinner idea going over the years! such a shame. I'd ever ever attempt it again!

                                    • Claire C.

                                      Only visiting one place in Scotland???

                                      • Tanya W.

                                        Rubbish, theirs more than just Glasgow in Scotland

                                        • Frances B.

                                          Wow! What an absolute disgrace! The whole of Scotland and only two dates in Glasgow! None of the other major cities in Scotland covered. Aberdeen was absolutely mobbed the year before last too. Shame on you Coca Cola!

                                        • Tracey Y.

                                          Yay :grinning:

                                          • Sandra W.

                                            What has happend to lancaster

                                            • Kathleen M.

                                              Oh I forgot Scotland stops at Glasgow not one stop further up