The Coca Cola Christmas Truck Tour 2018: Dates, Locations & Freebies

The Coca Cola Christmas Truck Tour

That's it! It's officially the Christmas Season when the Coca Cola Christmas Trucks start appearing! Want to know when the super festive tour will come to your town? Well the dates have just been announced so read on to see when it's coming to your town!

It looks as though there will be a few freebies given away, plus some cans of Coca Cola, and the chance to get your photo taken with the huge iconic lit up trucks, complete with the original Coca Cola Santa image on the side.

So many of you tell us that you love going to this every year, and it's become a festive tradition for your family. I think it's because of the famous advert - we know it's really Christmas when that hits our TV screen!

Holidays are coming!

Tour Locations & Dates

  • Friday 9 and Saturday 10 November: Silverburn Centre, Glasgow (G53 6AG)
  • Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 November: Princesshay, Exeter (EX1 1QA)
  • Sunday 11 November: Tesco Extra, Rutherglen (G73 1NY)
  • Tuesday 13 November: ASDA, Taunton (TA1 2AN)
  • Wednesday 14 November: Tesco, Newcastle Upon Tyne (NE3 2FP)
  • Thursday 15 and Friday 16 November: Sanderson Arcade, Morpeth (NE61 1NS)
  • Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 November: Queen Street City Centre, Cardiff (CF10 2HQ)
  • Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 November: Fox Valley, Sheffield (S36 2AB)
  • Wednesday 21 November: Tesco, Swansea (SA7 9RD)
  • Wednesday 21 November: Asda Pudsey, Leeds (LS28 6AR)
  • Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 November: Marshalls Yard, Gainsborough (DN21 2NA)
  • Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 November: The Mall at Cribbs Causeway, Bristol (BS34 5DG)
  • Wednesday 28 November: ASDA Eastlands, Manchester (M11 4BD)
  • Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 December: Lakeside Village Shopping Outlet, Doncaster (DN4 5PJ)
  • Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 December: Pier Approach, Bournemouth (BH2 5AA)
  • Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 December: Serpentine Green, Peterborough (PE7 8BE)
  • Thursday 6 and Friday 7 December: Victoria Retail Park, Nottingham (NG4 2PE)
  • Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 December: Jingle Bell Ball, London (SE10 0DX)
  • Tuesday 11 December: ASDA, Queensferry (CH5 1TP)
  • Tuesday 11 December: ASDA, Watford (WD24 7RT)
  • Wednesday 12 December: Tesco, Borehamwood (WD6 1JG)
  • Thursday 13 December: Tesco, Sutton Coldfield (B73 6RB)
  • Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 December: East Side Green, Birmingham (B5 5JY)
  • Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 December: Valley Retail & Leisure Park, Croydon (CR0 4YJ)

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  • Rachael B.

    coming to Swansea :santa::santa:

  • Sarah R.

    its not coming to us this year :cry:

    • Kelly G.

      It was rubbish last time anyway x

  • Jason M.

    bristol the 18th at the mall

  • Jacob H.

    Ohhhhh my Christmas dream!

  • Jane F.

    Only 1 Scottish date. That's a poor show.

  • Nicola P.

    No dates for north wales:angry::angry::angry:

  • Sandy P.

    Quite gutted it’s got two stops in Glasgow and none in Edinburgh

  • Denise T.

    I saw this.Im there:thumbsup:Love this truck.It makes me feel so Christmassy :grimacing::gift::tada::santa::christmas_tree:x

  • Stacey E.

    Booo!! Nothing in North Yorkshire!

  • Denise T.

    As soon as I see the Coca Cola advert and the Toys r us advert come on the tele I know Christmas is coming:santa::christmas_tree::tada::grimacing:x

  • Emily D.

    It’s Christmas!:grimacing::santa_tone2:

  • Nina C.

    Oh look n.ireland misses out again :rage:

  • Lauren M.

    Sounds good maybe get the the kids some dinner in town too either McDonald's or Pizza Hut?? Little pre Xmas treat?? Xx

  • Jennifer F.

    Thanks for that! :smiley::smiley:

  • Lianne W.

    I'm there :thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1:

  • Jayne W.

    Are you excited, EEEKK now we just need to see the advert then Christmas is offically on its way xx

  • Steph L.

    Gutted not coming to Preston :disappointed:

  • Nicky G.

    Very poor show that it’s only in Glasgow, nowhere else in Scotland. Rubbish!!

  • Nichola E.

    Wow. 2 days in Scotland. Well done :grimacing:

  • Carol M.

    Only one stop in all of Scotland! Stick with Pepsi. Or better still Iron Bru :slight_smile:

  • Lynzi L.

    If we are off we should go!! Me and Callum love it lol! X

  • Albus S.

    yeah it was soooo good when it came to mine..all the fake snow and xmas carolers..shame it aint coming back!

  • Lydia B.

    We need to go! :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:xxx

  • Lindsay P.

    No yeovil this time :angry: my son will be very disappointed.

  • Lindsey P.

    No Brighton or Eastbourne this year :pensive:

  • Emma J.

    Complete waste of time. By being so disorganised it has ruined the whole exciting novelty of 'xmas and the coca cola truck'. Sadly phased out now by the lack of organisation and lack of entertertainment for the overly paying public who have kept this money spinner idea going over the years! such a shame. I'd ever ever attempt it again!

  • Claire C.

    Only visiting one place in Scotland???

  • Tanya W.

    Rubbish, theirs more than just Glasgow in Scotland

  • Mo H.

    Yaaaaaay! :blush::blush::blush::metal::metal:

  • Frances B.

    Wow! What an absolute disgrace! The whole of Scotland and only two dates in Glasgow! None of the other major cities in Scotland covered. Aberdeen was absolutely mobbed the year before last too. Shame on you Coca Cola!

  • Tracey Y.

    Yay :grinning:

  • Sandra W.

    What has happend to lancaster

  • Kathleen M.

    Oh I forgot Scotland stops at Glasgow not one stop further up

  • Emma R.

    Went last year when it was in Harlow

  • John M.

    Usually comes to the Asda car park. Loads of people turn up then come into the store. Had heavy shifts when it's there. :blush:

  • Ali B.

    What about Kent? :sweat:Xmas won’t be the same

  • Rachael P.

    Boo. Nothing near us for the SW :(

  • Stacey F.

    Already been when it came to Glasgow :blush:

  • Susan L.

    Only 2 stops in Scotland which is a shame

  • Faith G.

    Went last year in Northampton and won’t bother again I was so disappointed

  • Sarah M.

    Not coming to Carlisle again I see, :rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes: x

  • Abbie G.

    yaaay! Know what date I'll be putting up the decorations now :joy:

  • Rhi A.

    Ffs wales stops at swansea again..

  • Jacque G.

    No Brighton or Chichester this year then :cry:

  • Laura R.

    No Liverpool this year then:confused::confused: not happy!!

  • Fiona T.

    No Edinburgh “ again “

  • Elaine M.

    Wow what a poor selection of locations. Nothing at all in east anglia. :cry:

  • Linda R.

    Nother year no where near Newmarket :rage:

  • Jordan A.

    No Trafford centre or bolton this year?

  • Jordan S.

    Does anyone know how to find out the times

  • Scott W.

    I don’t do that store, also I would just avoid it, pure hate the coke truck!! It’s just an annoyance :joy::joy:

  • Steven L.

    Lol talk away still ain't going Peterborough, I would b a little tempted of it was Norwich or lynn

  • Isobel B.

    Poor selection of locations not even coming to Fife

  • Carly W.

    I’m not bothered about seeing it in person I want it on the tv without Kevin :joy::joy:

  • Kirsty L.

    All about Kevin the carrot!! #savekevin

  • Wendy B.

    One place in Scotland :rage:

  • Laura F.

    Not one in northern Ireland

  • Cat A.

    There’s more than one truck!

  • Margaret W.

    nottingham Dec 6-7th if anyone is interested

  • Iain W.

    Is it not coming to Bolton this year? We can go if she wants but it’s gonna be packed. X

  • Dawn H.

    2 locations out of 24 in Scotland!

  • Caitlin B.

    I’ve still never seen it :pensive:

  • Susan L.

    No Norwich again this year :cry:

  • Lucy M.

    Anyone have any ideas when Argos 3-2 is going to start pls help xx

  • Arlene R.

    Would be nice if it told you a route since it only has one stop in scotland!

  • Arlene R.

    To be fair if thwirs more than one truck should be one doing scotland and one or 2 doing englad

  • Claire S.

    No Trafford centre this year my 2 are going 2 be gutted :persevere:

  • Dylan W.

    it's going to be carnage down there

  • Kimberley G.

    Which one we doing? It’s in Leeds in my birthday :stuck_out_tongue: x

  • Tina B.

    Watford Asda Tuesday 11th Dec

  • Dylan W.

    I'll take her to see Santa else where.

  • Emma S.

    Could do Leeds or Manchester? Birthday treat :grin: x

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